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12 Myths about hunger: Claudia Rocco & Kayla Graham

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12 Myths about hunger: Claudia Rocco & Kayla Graham Myth 1:Not Enough Food to Go Around There is an abundance of food. There is enough wheat, rice, and grain produced to provide every human being with 3500 calories a day. There is enough food to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person a day worldwide. ...read more.


The economy is the real culprit because it fails to offer everyone equal opportunities. Myth 3:Too Many People Birth rates are falling drastically almost everywhere. Rapid population growth remains a serious concern in many countries, but does explain hunger. It is not the root cause of hunger; it results from underlying inequities that deprive people, especially poor women, of economic opportunity and security. ...read more.


This cannot alleviate hunger because it fails to alter the tightly concentrated distribution of economic power that determines who can buy the additional food Myth 6: We Need Large Farms Landowners who control most of the best land often don't do anything with the majority of it. Small farmers typically achieve at least four to five times greater output per acre, in part because they work their land more intensively and use integrated, and often more sustainable, production systems. ...read more.

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