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Afternoon tea

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WJEC GCSE CATERING PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT ONE: AFTERNOON TEA Candidate Name: Task You are a member of the Pastry Brigade at a local hotel which offers Afternoon Tea to guests. Research suitable recipes and prepare 2 dishes suitable for an afternoon tea. You must include at least one of the following dishes: * A scone; sweet or savoury * A pastry product * A cake. Your tea should be attractively presented on laid table with a menu. Choice and Justification I have chosen to make Scones and Vol-u-vents. The reasons why I have chosen these recipes are: 1. As afternoon tea is meant to be a light snack, I have chosen to make vol-al-vents and scones. They are both light and suitable for this topic which will be afternoon portion sized. Scones can also be used in the catering industry because they can be made in bulk. 2. I will be making a savoury vol-au-vent and sweet scones, I have chosen to do this because in afternoon tea restaurants such as the Ritz they have a mixture between savouries and sweet, this could make my two afternoon teas more relevant to the topic. ...read more.


Food requisition Qty Butcher & Fishmonger Qty Dairy Qty Greengrocer Qty Grocer 50g 125ml Butter Milk 200g 50g 50g Self raising Flour caster sugar raisins Equipment requisition Pastry cutters PLAN OF ACTION: PRACTICAL ONE Mise En Place TIME METHOD CHECKS 11.15 Apron on, wash hands, tie back hair, remove jewellery, Sanitize work tops. Wash hands with anti- Bacterial soap, Wash thou- ghful. 11.18 Get out ingredients and equipment, and check dates and Weigh any ingredients. Pre-heat the oven 200'c Grease tray. Check use by dates and best before dates, Grease tray thoroughly so scones don't Stick, make sure scales are On zero and accurate. Preparation & Cooking TIME METHOD CHECKS 11.23 11.28 11.33 11.40 11.43 11.45 11.48 12.00 Cut fat into cubes, Sieve flour into a mixing bowl. Add Fat. Using cold fingertips rub the fat into the flour. Mix in raisins and then gradually add milk and mix with a table knife. Lightly flour the table and flatten the dough, Cut out Scones using a medium crinkled cutter. ...read more.


The pastry should be rolled Out to 1.5cm thick. All the pastry cuttings should Be placed onto a dampened Baking tray, each pastry Cutting should be at least 3cm Thick with a missing centre. All the equipment should be Cleaned with anti-bacteria Cleaner, dried and put away in The correct coloured cupboard. PLAN OF ACTION: PRACTICAL TWO Mise En Place TIME METHOD CHECKS 12.15 Get out ingredients and equipment, and check dates Pre-heat the oven 200'c Grease tray. Check use by dates and best before dates, Grease tray thoroughly so scones don't Stick. Preparation & Cooking TIME METHOD CHECKS 12.18 12.20 12.27 12.40 12.45 Put the pastry into the oven. Cut the scones in half and add clotted cream, using a Small spoon add a little bit of jam. [Make Vol-au-vents filling]. Put Scones onto a white plate and decorate with a Flavoured sauce, and Sprinkle icing sugar through a Shape. Put the [EXAMPLE] filling into the Vol-au-vent, add Herbs and seasoning, Service The pastry should be on a Dampened grease-proof- Paper sheet. Scones should be filled with A filling. The square white plate Should be well presented, With decoration and the Two scones. Leave kitchen clean and tidy. ...read more.

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