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CAD/CAM Cad stands for Computer Aided Design. It is when you use a computer to design food products. Examples of CAD are: * Researching on the Internet. * Calculating costs using Excel. * Design Packaging. * Calculate nutritional information for food labels. * Using a computer to make and create a product. Cam stands for Computer Aided Manufacture. It is when you use a computer to make and create products. Examples of CAM are: * Bread Maker. * Digital Scales. * Tunnel Oven. * Printing Food Labels. * Fir example, Cuts biscuit all at once instead of individually. * Enrobing - To coat a product with sauce for example. ...read more.


* Standardises production system so the process time can be repeated with precision and accuracy. Disadvantages of CAD and CAM: * The high cost in purchasing expensive equipment. * The amount of time needed to spend in order to install the machinery and to train staff. * Machines could break down which causes whole production to stop whilst it is being fixed. * Large machines = Large Premises. * Less home made products would be available. Aim - To visit many different websites to research on the topic of Healthy Food and more. Conclusion - I visited websites from Jamie Oliver and BBC Food to help me find information on healthy food and labelling. ...read more.


However, there's still nothing to stop them giving the misleading impression that their foods are healthier than they really are. Fresh is best Often foods marketed at slimmers are not very nutritious. One so-called 'slimming' chicken and sweet corn flavour packet soup mix contained no sweet corn and only one per cent chicken, water and glucose syrup being the first two ingredients. Okay, so it's less than 60 calories a serving but where's the goodness in it? The healthiest food you can buy probably doesn't come with a label. Fresh ingredients won't list their nutrients, additives (or absence of) or boast that they're good for you. But if you buy organic broccoli from a farmers' market you know that it has been grown without pesticides and that it's packed with nutrients. It might even have been picked that very morning. ...read more.

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