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Design and technology project research methods.

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Research and analysis of research The methods that I used for my research were the following below: .Surveys/ Questionnaires. .Shop surveys. .Photo graphs. .Internet. I used these four methods because they are the most effective ways of gathering information. Surveys/Questionnaires Its purpose is that you carry out a survey about your product e.g. Colours, price, materials etc. and you will find out the exact information that you are looking for. Also you will find out what is missing in the teenage market and what teenagers want. What I have found out by carrying out this survey is that teenagers prefer blue and green. This exactly matches my products theme. The 'Natural Look'. Green and blue are the perfect colours and im pleased with my result because these were the colours I prefer as well. ...read more.


What I have found out through my research is that blue and green is very fashionable today. Most photographs that I have seen are very summery meaning that very light summer colours are used like yellow and orange. This information has influenced me because my theme is 'Natural Look' and my research has given me ideas on what type of features I should have on my product. Also the photographs have given me an idea on what kind of fabrics and designs I should use for my Uni-s*x product. Internet The purpose is that you will find all the information at one place. For instant if you wanted information on how to make a quilt you can just Google it and you will get a step by step guide on how to make it. ...read more.


Also to collect information on what that shop is providing for the teenagers at the moment. Also to find out what prices are reasonable for teenage buyers. What I have learnt from my research is that teenagers only spend 15 -20 pounds on their quilts or even less. This information has influenced me because now I know the cost that they can afford and what they adore. What I have found out is that teenagers mainly prefer cotton and they do not like their quilts and cushions to be over decorated. They adore the simple but funky look. I also found out information on 'patchwork' and how it is very common in the teenage market. Patchwork is fabric sewed on to a quilt to make a pattern or shape or even little pieces that join together and make one huge pattern. BY Zobia ...read more.

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