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Developing food products to meet the needs of a target market. The Italian cobbler is an example of a food that should be adapted to make it healthier.

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Developing food products to meet the needs of a target market The percentage of teenagers in the UK who are obese has increased rapidly and still is. Due to this food manufacturers now need to adapt traditional recipes to the daily guideline amounts by decreasing the amounts of fat and increasing the amounts of fibre, to tackle problems such as obesity. The Italian cobbler is an example of a food that should be adapted to make it healthier. Firstly, a plus point about the cobbler is that it contains a lot of nutrients. For example 'carbohydrates, protein, iron, fat, salt, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D' and many more. Even though it contains many nutrients these are not in the right proportions therefore it would not be classed as a healthy course and the nutrients would need to be in balance. Furthermore, the cobbler is high in fat. It contains '32.3g per serving'. ...read more.


This makes them narrower and therefore it Is harder for the blood to pass through. If enough blood cannot get to the heart because of this it can cause angina also. Further the guideline daily allowance suggests that per day the body should receive a maximum of 20g of saturated fat per day. This meal contains nearly 3/4 of that which is quite unhealthy. This is very bad for good health as saturated fat comes from other foods as well which could mean that throughout the day over 20g of saturated fat could be eaten. Most of the saturates from the dish come from the beef, and to lower this lean beef could be used as it contains less fat and saturated fat which would reduce the chance of disease. However the beef is a good source of protein and iron which is essential for teenage growth. Moreover, this product is low in carbohydrates. ...read more.


A lack of fibre can contribute to diverticulosis which is a disease linked with it. To increase the amount of fibre the topping could use wholemeal flour instead of white flour which would make it healthier too. The product is also high in salt. It contains approximately 2.51g per serving. This is over half the amount of the DRV (6g) which it should not be. Too much salt in a diet can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure and many more. This is why the amount of salt intake should be watched carefully. This could be coming from the cheese as some cheeses are high in salt and to reduce this low fat cheeses could be used instead. In conclusion this product does not contain the right amounts of nutrients and needs to be adapted to the DRV and the GDA to improve its nutrients values. This needs to be done to tackle problems such as heart disease and diabetes which are some of the biggest killers in the UK therefore teenagers especially need to cut down on their fat intake and increase their fibre intake. ...read more.

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