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Discursive Essay: Why you should become a vegetarian

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Discursive Essay: Why you should become a vegetarian I think that more people should be vegetarian. I think this for the plain reason that we were not meant to eat animals. It is an unruly act of slaughter, very inhumane and very injustice. Over seven billion farm animals are butchered each year in just the United States. With numbers like this we cannot afford to kill so many living beings. Other people may think that not all nutrients are supplied in a regular vegetarian diet. They may think that not enough protein is supplied in a vegetarian diet. This is simply an assumption. Spinach contains twenty six times more protein than regular beef. ...read more.


There has never been an incident regarding a person contracting a terminal illness from a pasta dish. There are also many environmental problems with two thirds of the world eating animals. Livestock production is a major cause of desertification. This is when the land dries out and loses its topsoil so vegetation is unable to grow. Two hundred years ago, before mass meat production existed, the average topsoil in America was twenty one inches. Nowadays, it is just six inches that remain. Another daunting fact is that sixty million people will starve to death this year. If more people were aware of the situation and reduced their meat intake by ten percent, there would be enough space to grow crops for all sixty million. ...read more.


Many organizations have put together animal welfare parties that think the animals should have some rights. For example, bulls raised for meat production are routinely castrated without any type of anesthesia or pain killers. Another dire fact is that most factory farmed animals have never seen a blade of grass in their life. The regular animal factory's idea of 'free range chickens' is stuffing five chickens into the space of 40cm�. This is simply wrong. I would like to know how meat eaters can go on eating their food knowing the animals they are eating are being put through such torture. I conclude in saying that I think if more people knew about how these poor animals were being treated, the life-threatening infections and the frightful effects on our country's rainforests that more people would change their mind about eating meat. ...read more.

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