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Electronic Dice Project.

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Electronic Dice Project By Matthew Warren Content Outline: Page 3 Time Scale: Page 3 Stage 1 Clock: Page 4 Switch: Page 7 Stage 2 Counter: Page 8 Stage 3 Logic gates: Page 12 Time Graph: Page 14 Stage 4 LED Display: Page 16 Final Testing: Page 16 Evaluation: Page 19 Pin Layouts: Page 21 Electronic dice 1-6 I have a problem that every time that I get out a board game the dice is always missing so what I am going to be designing and making an electronic dice that will do the range of 1 to 6,. This dice will be able to be used in most boards that need a 6 sided dice and it will be bigger than a normal dice so that it will be not as easy to lose this is a block diagram showing the process of my dice: Time Scale Stage Content Date (1) Clock Designing a fast clock 12/0103 Testing on Crocodile Clips 25/01/03 Making on Bread Board 10/02/03 Testing Clock 29/02/03 (2) 3-Bit Binary Counter Designing Binary counter 2/03/03 Tested on Crocodile Clips 10/03/03 Making on bread board 18/03/03 Testing and trying to make it work 01/05/03 - 05/05/03 (3) Logic gates Designed logic system to make only 1-6 show up 27/03/03 Tested on Crocodile Clips 1/04/03 Made on bread board 12/04/03 (4) ...read more.


states that are not needed but it is possible for them to appear as the output these are: Input C B A Output 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 7 By using logic gates it is possible to make the flip-flops reset when these states appear so that it is not possible for the dice to land on them. To test the second stage of my circuit which is the 3-bit binary counter that I have made out of flip-flops I will test each of the outputs of it (A, B, C) Output of A This picture shows the output of A it is half the frequency of the clock Output of B This picture shows the output of B it shows that the chip has not got enough time in-between each clock pulse to change from high to low or low to high so the output if B is always towards the Output of C This picture shows the output of C. Due to the output of B, C has the same kind of problem. Stage 3 : Logic Gates The three outputs from the 3-Bit Binary Counter go to the logic gates and seven segment display, the logic gate control the rest for the 3-bit Binary counter and they also make sure that the seven segment display only displays numbers from 1 to 6. ...read more.


Here is the full circuit diagram for my electronic dice: Here is a picture of the full circuit on a bread board: Evaluation I think that the reason that I am only getting 2, 3 and 6 is because that output B is always high, if I were to slow the clock down to about 5KHz that the 3-bit binary counter would work like it should do and output B would go from high to low like it should that way it will cycle through the number like it should. I have an idea that may make the LED's light brighter this is to make a transistor switch before each LED. It would like this for each LED: I put in one LED for system to recognize when a 6 was rolled but I was very dimly lit, it would be possible to put a transistor in front of this LED as well to sort this problem out. Here is the full circuit diagram for my electronic dice: Specifications * For all of the LED's I am using the voltage that needed to light was 2 volts * All IC's (integrated Circuits) I am using should be powered by at least 5 Volts PIN Layout Here are the pin layouts for all the IC's that I used. 1 Matthew Warren 1 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a very good project to complete. The writer shows how he has developed the electronic dice and has planned out his time well. Including more details of the final product and evaluating the effectiveness of it would have made this better. ***

Marked by teacher Michelle Anne Turrell 01/05/2013

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