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Electronics scoreboard

Extracts from this document...


Situation Brief & Aims Situation My Project is designed to resolve the problem of when you are playing snooker and you score a point you would have to put the points up one by one on an manual snooker scoreboard and you could make a mistake and put to fewer or to many points on the board. It also saves you having to stop from the game that you are playing to go over to the scoreboard and manually put the score up. It is also designed to resolve arguments between players and make sure it is all fair and there is no cheating going on. There are already scoreboards that are screwed on to table and stick up and ones you can clip to the table and they get in your way when you take a shot my scoreboard is designed to resolve this problem. Brief I intend to design a device that will improve scoring for snooker. I want to make the device screw able to the table so in a public place it would not get stolen, but I will try to have space so that the battery can be changed. I'm going to try to make the device portable and also make it look presentable and nice. Aims 1. Final product must look good 2. Device design must be small, portable and light 3. Must be easy to access batteries for changing 4. Device should be screw able to the table 5. Device must have rounded edges so that it is not sharp 6. Must be cost effective Task Analysis This is my task analysis. It consists of all the tasks that need to be completed throughout my product's designing, Report and making. These tasks do not have to be done in order but the Report should be completed first before starting to make the product. Project Description This page explains what I am hoping to explain and show in each part of my Report, * Component Research - Researching the components used in my circuit. ...read more.


The way these processes work is that Plastic Granules are dropped into a pod that releases them onto a rotating thread. The plastic particles get heated whilst travelling down the thread so by the time they are at the other side they are liquidised. When the liquid plastic gets to the mould at the end of the thread compressed air is pumped into the mould which pushes out the HDPE to the edge of the mould which then gives the finished product with a hollow middle. Whereas injection moulding the liquid pours inside the shape and then is left to cool. Laser Cutting The laser cutter is designed to cut many different materials to an extremely accurate measure. This is very handy as not many people can cut accurately and straight easily. To use the laser cutter you need to feed it a picture than it will cut out on your material. To do this we use a CAD software which is called, '2D design'. This allows you to measure and draw a shape of your preference and then transfer it onto any material in the laser cutter. The laser cutter is very useful in big industrial businesses as it is so accurate you can cut thousands upon thousands of pieces all the same size. The laser cutter isn't just used for cutting it can be used for other things such as engraving and boring. There are three main types of lasers used but the most common is the CO2 as it suits most of the laser cutters processes. The way the laser cutter works by aiming a high powered laser at the material. The material burns, melts or even vaporizes to make the define cut in the material. Depending on the material the laser cutter will have a specific work rate. This is to determine how fast and how powerful the laser is, this is done because if a laser is not powerful enough or not fast enough it might not cut through. ...read more.


To sell my product to an industry in my advertising I would right about all of the pro's and try not to mention any cons. I would show them costs and predicted net profit if there was any. I would show them the producing cost and then the price they could sell the product at to make a profit. It would be more cost effective if it was made in a country that has shipping access to nearly all the world and it would be more cost effective to have it made in a factory by machines rather than people because machines can make more than one at once. Evaluation The PCB is the best part of my product that I did. I would say I have soldered well and that it is neat. My product works and the way I have cased it isn't the best but it will do. Also one of the things I have done well is make it work because at first it wasn't working so I had to add and change things and now it is working. There are many things that went wrong and if I had the chance I would do them differently. The worst thing was the casing. My casing is not straight it isn't small, my b**t joints don't meet and the lid isn't securely on. If I had the chance to make my casing again, I would change the shape, size and colour of my casing. I would make it rounded and sleeker looking. Secondly I would make it so the battery and PCB were held firmly in place. During this product I have learned a lot of things that are useful to everyday life. I have learnt how to calculate many different things using formulas. I am a lot more confident in soldering components and I feel that I have improved as a person because doing this project has been hard. I have had to manage my time, learn to work with people and concentrate in the task in hand. ?? ?? ?? ?? Reece Machin ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Systems and Control section.

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