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electronics situations

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GCSE Electronic Products Research The next stage of my project is to research the following areas: ? Market ? Electronics ? Housing Market Research I am going to look at the Market to see if there are any products similar to my device. I will look to see if the product exists and is cheaper than what I could make it for because of mass production techniques. I will also analyse any existing products similar to mine and look at the good parts and bad parts and learn off them. After looking at the products similar to mine I will be able to decide what I should put into my device and what not to include. ...read more.


The game allows a player to fire 10 balls and when finished the player must count up the points and then to restart the game must remove a wooden bar which releases the balls from the columns. The game isn't popular on the internet as I only found it on two websites one of which is www.edirectory.co.uk which has the game down for a price of �23.10 that is including VAT with no VAT its �19.66. The game is both for male and female. The game is portable and easy to play. The game is wooden and therefore will take longer to build and for that reason the price is high, as the worker making the product will have to take a lot of time to make it. ...read more.


To make the game interesting for longer it counts the highest points and has other options in the game where the player is timed to get the max amount of points and to get the centre ring as much as possible in a certain amount of time. It plays music when the game is on and it also has sound effects and flashing LED's. It requires 3 "AA" batteries. I found this item on ww.amazon.com and was popular on the internet with high ratings. The game was priced at $19.88 which in GBP is about �10.07. The game is for both male and female. The game is portable and easy to play. The game is mass produce and easy to put together will just a few screws therefore that lowers the cost as well as the electronic components inside the game they too are mass produced therefore cheap. ...read more.

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