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Final evaluation for A-line skirt

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Final evaluation for A-line skirt The theme of my project was to design an A-line skirt and then build a prototype of it. If it eventually turned out to be successful I might have been able to batch or mass produce it which simply means that I will be able to make thousands of it for the retail outlet of new look where they wanted me to design the skirt for the 2006 summer collection. I had to carry out several different research methods. Firstly I did a survey from a questionnaire that I designed and then I did two pages of market research and a page of historical research. I also researched skirts on the internet and I bought a fashion magazine to see the latest fashion of skirts. For the designing process I had to examine all the different research that I got and in the end I decided not to use the colour of the skirt that I got from my research and I decided to be a little different and try a beige/cream colour. ...read more.


I used a commercial bock pattern as a template to cut out my skirt with and it consisted of a front panel and two back panels. So altogether I cut out my skirt material into three pieces. I fabric is very soft and it sort of feels like very, very soft rubber which would normally not be a good characteristic but seeing as it doesn't feel bad on the skin I don't mind that it feels a bit like rubber. It was quite difficult to cut as it is very soft and it can also be a bit difficult to handle when putting stitches on it using a sewing machine. It is a smooth material and very plain, it has no texture or any pattern on it. At first I was having difficulty using the sewing machine but later I got used to using a sewing machine I found it was quite simple to use and it was also a very easy way of putting together two pieces of material. ...read more.


skirt neater as this was my first time making a skirt I made some errors and now that I am more experienced I am more confident in making a skirt. Also I am a size 10 and the skirt looks like it is only suitable for wear with a size 6 person so next time I would make the skirt a little bigger. My product has fulfilled my wishes. I am not sure that it has completely fulfilled my design specification as I made some drastic changes to the skirt. I think it is a successful product for a prototype and ready for production. I am happy with it as it is the type of skirt that would be successful in a retail outlet and I would be happy to wear it proudly. I don't think my skirt will need to be modified much for mass production as taking away any thing will take away the character of my skirt. I believe it is perfect the way it is. ...read more.

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