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GCSE: Graphics

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  1. Free essay

    Life Cycle of a Product

    This is the peak time for profit to be made, because as the demand increases, the production increases which therefore leads to lower cost per unit. Advertising campaigns are usually introduced around this time, attracting new and/or wider target markets. Every company wants this stage of a product's life as long as possible. In the example of a book, this is the stage where news has spread about the novel, and copies are beginning to sell at an increasingly fast pace.

    • Word count: 463
  2. Design Evaluation

    So instead of thinking of company names I used branding through a logo. So I created a variety of picture and text logos and I chose the best out of those which is the image below. Then there came the actual packaging and for this creation task I made several scaled and to scale prototype models to note and record all the advantages and disadvantages of the product and how to improve on those. Problems I encountered in this project: When designing my original model I had the idea of having my top and bottom connected by a single hinge at the bottom of the pack then having a hand slot at the top.

    • Word count: 544
  3. me


    • Word count: 234
  4. Easter Egg Packaging Research

    A1 Indian A2 Pakistani A3 Bangladeshi A9 Any other Asian background B1 Caribbean B2 African B9 Any other Black background O1 Chinese O9 Any other ethnic group M1 White and Black Caribbean M2 White and Black African M3 White and Asian M9 Any other mixed background W1 British W2 Irish W9 Any other white background (4) Do you like Easter Eggs? Yes No (5)

    • Word count: 469
  5. Which character does the reader have more sympathy for: Frankenstein or his creation?

    Due to these reasons I feel more sympathy towards the monster than I do towards Victor Frankenstein. Despite how sympathetic I feel, I do like Frankenstein more than his creation. My main reason for this is that the monster, perhaps through little fault of its own, is a murderer. This shows that the monster has bad intentions whilst Frankenstein does not. This is but one example of just how open 'Frankenstein' is. Shelley leaves it up to the reader to make his/her own decisions on the book. Due to this I think Frankenstein is a fantastic book and rightly deserves to be as highly acclaimed as it is today.

    • Word count: 801
  6. 3D Element Primary Research

    ?? ?? Car Showroom Photographs - Auto Way, Ipswich Road, Colchester, Essex, CO49HA Taken on 23/06/07 at 08:08am -

    • Word count: 22
  7. Evaluation - produce proposals for the possible re-branding of my school

    He incorporates them very well and subtlety. I like his work because it's very classic, memorable and simple. His work is landmark. I did this because it gave me inspiration, an influence and it offered a look at how previous designers worked. I did web searches on the images connected to different faculties and just asked people what images came to mind when I said a faculty name this provided me with many logo ideas. In addition I looked at existing logo designs in books wherein designers explored many different techniques, which I could use in my designs.

    • Word count: 526
  8. DT Specification

    Materials: The main package which is the box will need to be made of Card this is because it is easy to fold, score and shape it is also recyclable. Inside there will be a tray for the chocolates - this will be made of a plastic substance that should be recyclable. Location: The product is likely to be used in a shop on display or stacked on shelves in the shop. This will affect the design by it maybe getting scuffed or maybe damaged.

    • Word count: 644
  9. Design & Technonology

    ?? ?? Alistair Higson 10|B GCSE Graphics

    • Word count: 16
  10. Work Experience

    To complete the work I am going to listen to the employer so that he can give me hints and tips about work. I will give good impressions to the employer so that he could give me more complex tasks other than photocopying and making tea and coffee. I have devised a timeline of events that I will be writing in the orange booklet as the week progresses. The Activity During the one week placement (starting 2nd July 2007) I went to Logo Design and marketing.

    • Word count: 808
  11. ICT - system outputs

    A colour on screen may look different to the one printed. Laser printers are very bulky and expensive. Printers run out of ink, so a malfunction could occur in which the logo comes out in a different colour or tone to the one desired, thus changing the connotations of logo. Which output device would be better to use for this sub-system? The best out-put device for a logo, is the one already in use, a laser printer. Why? Because not only of a laser printers benefits over an inkjets, but a graphic logo cannot be recreated by e.g.

    • Word count: 964
  12. While making my product (chess) I have learnt and experienced many new things. I have learnt about designs

    I have used digital cameras to take pictures of my product for the section on 'Design and Development'. I have also used printers, scanners, and CAMM-1 and CAMM-2. I have also learnt about different types of materials and which materials are best for which product. I have also learnt the different units of measuring different materials. I found out more about what is commercial printing. I have come across with different types of recycling symbols and now know what each of the symbols mean and which symbol is used in which package. I have learnt about the different types of productions in industries e.g.

    • Word count: 928
  13. Alternative evidence for features of the presentation

    This is when I had selected my background and I was applying it to all the slides. I am going to explain too you now how I made the links between the pages I will also be explaining how I have made the video appear on the touch screen show. First of all I will be telling you about how I came over the idea on linking all the pages of the touch screen show. How I link the title to the contents page I had to right click on the font and then click on open hyperlink this will take me to the contents page with out going on view slide if I want to make any adjustments.

    • Word count: 471
  14. Design week, Caped Crusader Magazine Review.

    Most of the articles are very informative but there are five small articles which just give the brief idea. The article about IBM aims to link product design with strategy. It is about what IBM is planning to do about product design. Other articles that was reported was "Channel4 launch targets older viewers", "Design team remodels Mary Rose as interactive museum", " Boden trial of retail formats creates design opportunities","Science Museum identifies creative groups to work on Aliens exhibition" and also a few more similar articles. The next sections of Caped Crusader are two pages, include "news & comments" and "news in depth".

    • Word count: 694
  15. Produce a new look for a website.

    I the started off by researching and designing a logo for the new look wow.com. I produced four prototypes of the logo and selected the best one that I felt had got the right look that I wanted. The final design included two people which I felt really stood out from the rest of the designs. The next task was to design the letterhead to update the old style into the new look. I used the documents that I collected at the beginning to give me ideas on how to design it. These where then used as templates for my design, my design for the letterhead was pretty simple as I felt that I didn't want to overcrowd the sheet.

    • Word count: 665
  16. Collecting images from clip art

    Selecting Information for my purpose (ICT Sources & Non-ICT Sources) From my Non- ICT Sources the ones that I think are most relevant to me would be number s 2,3 & 5 I think they are relevant to my company because: Number 2: This is very relevant to my document that I am going to produce my letterhead with because it is a letterhead. I like the way that this letterhead is laid out with the logo and slogan together and all the text and information to one side but still visible to see.

    • Word count: 623
  17. Dear Auntie Gladys and Uncle Jack,

    My friends and I, are at the top of the class for this subject but my biggest ambition is to become a barrister. Having a graphic design GCSE grade will not help me to become one so I think it could be a complete waste of time. Although on the other hand, if I fail at becoming my dream then I have something to fall back on such as a clothes designer or other interesting creative occupations. I am trying extremely hard to make my dream into reality.

    • Word count: 629
  18. They need a plant information leaflet.

    plant * The heading will be 'how to care for your century plant' * The heading must be big * File name must be in plants common name * Logo must be on leaflet * Details of what they sell must be on leaflet * Opening times must be on leaflet * Leaflet is A4 size with information on both sides * All the details of the agave americana must be on one side of the leaflet and its photo * Garden centre photos must be on the leaflet Testing * Is needed Problem 2: Jo needs a label for

    • Word count: 946
  19. Production of Documents.

    How was it created I firstly put in my logo, and then added in the slogan later. I looked at this in a range of ways, including having the logo on the right, and also having the slogan below the logo, but my final decision was how it is seen above. I then put in my footer, which I filled green to make it look more catchy, I then decided what information to put in the footer. Seen as I didn't have a proper company and was unsure of what some information on the proper invoices was, I decided to simply put in the companies address, phone number and e-mail.

    • Word count: 897
  20. I have been asked to create a business of my own choice and to produce the following: a brochure, a letterhead, a poster, a logo, a business wallet, and a business card.

    For my letterhead I have used a template from Microsoft Publisher. I will have my address, phone number, website address and e-mail; address at the top right-hand corner. My logo, which I created in Microsoft Publisher, will be on the top left-hand corner whilst my name and signature is on the bottom right-hand corner. I will be using a border of musical notes from a selection on Microsoft Publisher. For my poster, I will have my logo on the left-hand side, whilst examples of the products I will be selling will be on the right side of the poster.

    • Word count: 558
  21. It is my aim to make a profit out of designing and producing websites. I also hope that my web design business shall grow and expand so that I design a variety of websites.

    Marketing & Production Plan I plan to produce e-commerce websites (online shop). A typical price for such a website is �100 including website hosting and a domain name. I plan to charge �30 because unlike professional companies I do not have the facilities to offer services such as 24/7 customer care and hosting. I will just design the websites and shall not offer extra services.

    • Word count: 528
  22. I have been contacted by Ritchie Hulks who is a member of the Dover Athletic Supporters Trust board recently. He has asked me if it would be possible to design a monthly newsletter for the trust.

    One of the things that the trust promised was that all members would be informed as to what is happening at the club. I have been asked to design this newsletter because the people who run=n the DAST have very limited computer knowledge. They would supply me with all the information and what they want from me is a professional looking design, which all the members will read. They have told me that the newsletter will need to be 2 sides of A4 and that I can decided how it should be laid out.

    • Word count: 710
  23. The task is to create some sort of form that will capture the relevant data from the people who fill it in. Consequently, people fill it in after collecting it in the shop, or at other shops...

    boxes * Second Name = 16 boxes * House Number = 12 boxes * Road Name = 16 boxes * Town = 12 boxes * Postal Code = 4 and 3 boxes * Home Phone = 5 and 6 boxes * Date of Birth = 2 and 2 and 4 boxes * Password = 16 boxes Software Requirements The software I choose must be able to: * Import pictures, so that I can put use my created logo publicly. * Create input boxes, so that they can be filled in appropriately, a letter at a time.

    • Word count: 908

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