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GCSE: Graphics

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  1. hbhjv bjhb

    • Word count: 1123
  2. Development or Modifications to Final Ideas

    Also I have modified it to add an orange glow around the main part of the logo. This is because orange is a complimentary colour of blue so by using the blue and the orange next to each other they work very well together and as a result will help to attract more attention to the logo itself. Leaflet Holder: User's Comments: I feel that the use of thermochromatic ink is a great addition which will help to attract a lot of attention, especially children.

    • Word count: 1600
  3. Evaluation for cake bases

    The flavour and texture of the cake were appropriate for my cake base. From the research above I wrote a design specification stating what my cake should be similar to. In my design specification I decided my cake to be a Christmas theme; I chose to target my novelty cake at children. The decoration on my novelty cake was based on flat relief because if the cake were to be mass produced it would be difficult to manufacture 3D models, I made the decision to use fondant icing to cover and decorate my cake because I a lot more manageable then royal icing.

    • Word count: 1029
  4. Having established that the best medium to advertise and raise awareness of my mother's salon is a leaflet. I decided to carry out a questionnaire and an interview for my research method due to the fact that I believe

    From the sample, she selected a fresh colour scheme, which consisted of different shades of blue. This complemented with the result of the questionnaire I carried out because 86% of the people preferred blue over the other options I presented. She also wanted the name of the salon in untailored, casual style (Magneto, Ravie) to contrast with a professional font, which was used for the price listing (Times New Roman, Century). Lastly she preferred to have real images on the leaflet over cartoon ones as they connote the professional genre of the business.

    • Word count: 1031
  5. Design a suitable logo for the business or organisation of your choice

    E.G What is a pixel? A pixel is the most basic component of any computer graphic. Pixel stands for picture element. It corresponds to the smallest thing that can be drawn on a computer screen. Every computer graphic is made up of a grid of pixels. When these pixels are painted onto the screen, they form an image. This grid of pixels is called a bitmap. E.G How I Created My Bitmap Logo for Galatasaray The Program I used to make my Bitmap Logo is 'Paint'. How to Open Paint Step 1: Click on Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint, this will open the application 'Paint' Step 2: A blank 'Paint' page will appear, as shown below, How I edited

    • Word count: 1232
  6. Three Customer Service Statements.

    The third paragraphs is about the IQA Education department, and what dose it provide and then there is seven bullet points of what it provide and all the text is written in a font size of 10 expect the headings of each paragraph which is font size 14. In the fourth paragraph it has a bit about what it provides for the students and there is five more bullets points that explains of what it provides, in the last paragraph has "Communication" written in font size 14 and underneath it is a paragraph with five lines in this paragraph you will find the contact details e.g.

    • Word count: 1374
  7. Logo Write-up

    I feel that either a football or a football shirt should appear in the logo. I have researched some logos of other sports companies to see how they present their company. Here is the logo for the huge sports company JJB: As you can see the logo says the name of the company in big bold letters. There is no need for a picture or any fancy logos. The logo is simple and effective. The name of the company does all the work. It is colourful and grabs your attention. Here is the logo for the biggest international sports company in the world, Nike.

    • Word count: 1281
  8. Produce a report describing, comparing and evaluating 2 types of documents from three different companies all evolved in the same market.

    not aimed at children. The document is very bland, and only uses black and white. The justification on this document is very central and organised. Lloyds TSB: The 2nd document I collected was a Lloyds TSB payslip, roughly the same size as the Barclays payslip except it is slightly wider. The layout is very spacious and clear. It contains similar contents to the Barclays payslip, including tables, text, logo, numbers and a receipt. The documents can easily be read and would not be so confusing to people who do not have such a wide knowledge on backing.

    • Word count: 1750
  9. Solving business problems through design.

    These must all be on the same side. The garden centres information should also be on it this includes the opening hours, range of products and also a garden centre photo. My leaflet should look something like this: Heading: "How to care for your century plant" Plant picture Plant fact plant growing information file (Agave Americana) Plant centre name and logo Plant centre opening hours Address of the garden centre, Telephone of the garden centre. I have chosen this layout because it is simple but it brings the idea across.

    • Word count: 1140
  10. The research that I collected for this Graphics Page consisted of cut-outs of various tennis merchandise from magazines and catalogues and printed images from the internet of similar products to what I will be making and learning from.

    For example, either understanding how to make my products and what will be needed, or what I need to understand and consider in creating my graphics page, such as 'existing products research' and 'logo and lettering styles'. It sets up the rest of the project in order for me to complete the work using this visual information as help. Also, this further informs me for the rest of the project, as I know what to research for in the other research areas, and what will appeal to people who see it. E.g.) Colours, style, making of it and textual content.

    • Word count: 1320
  11. Task analysis

    There should also be a list of last year's record breakers. The list of last year's record breakers and the events should have straight left edge columns with bold heading. The heading for list of events is `Programme of Events' and for the list of record breakers `Record sets in 2001'. Solution: To solve the problem my programme of events must it be clear and easy to use. I will design the programme of events on Microsoft Word because it is a word program so it is easy to add and remove text also pictures and images.

    • Word count: 1359
  12. Having completed my identify and analysis I now need to start to design what the presentation will actually look like.

    He also said: " Overall I prefer the second design the most for reasons I have already stated. I think you should develop this, I feel that this initial design developed more would look very good." Another important part of this presentation is the font that is used, I am going to use the same font all the way through the project. As I feel this is an important part of the presentation I decided to do a short surveya amongst people at school and they voted on which font they preffered the best.

    • Word count: 1981
  13. Implementing Design in Microsoft word.

    The picture on the front page was inserted and then resized to fit the page. This was done easily by selecting the picture and placing the cursor on a corner of its frame until an arrow appeared. I then clicked here and dragged the edge of the frame until the picture was the appropriate size. I also made a few ruff decisions as to whereabouts I wanted text, pictures, and graphs, although I knew that these would be changed as my ideas developed.

    • Word count: 1753
  14. My objective is to promote a package for a newly formed company. I will be producing a handbags company, which will be called 'Noble & Wild'.

    I Personally do not like the colour used for the font, as it Is too bright. This logo has a very dark background. The font used in this logo is curved and really thin. It is a really basic colour, which contrasts well with the background. It is neatly presented. I like the idea of the border around the logo, which keeps the name of the company in place. This logo is completely different from the other logos that I have chosen. There is different size fonts used which immediately attracts your view. The colours used are basic and plain, but it still makes the logo stand out due to the font.

    • Word count: 1060
  15. The task is to create a logo that can promote the video shop, and be put on all to do with the video shop like letters. My logo should be simple but effective, and not to cheesy.

    * Convert to pictures, so that I can save the copy as a jpeg file, to save space and time loading the original file, and then copying it from there. I could produce the logo using a word processor. This is a limited, but simple way of doing the logo. It can do everything above, apart from edit pictures in the way that other programs can do. It can wrap text, and edit the brightness, but it cannot edit pictures in the most expert technique that I want, for example, fading different parts of the graphic, or overlapping objects.

    • Word count: 1110
  16. Creating the logo - Software and Hardware

    The scanner I will use is a flatbed AGFA SNAPSCAN310. It is large enough to fit the daisies in, and the lid can be raised enough to fit the daisies, chain and paper under. It is capable of producing high quality images even if they are of 3D objects. However the lid of the scanner can easily damage the flowers and you can't see what the image will look like until you've scanned it. If I were to use a digital camera to take a picture of the flowers then this would not be a problem, but the scanner can alter things faster and I have found that the colour is often better when the scanner is used.

    • Word count: 1259
  17. I have designed a logo that can be used so Cogan Coronation club can be easily recognised, but also to portray the club as a professional, efficient organisation.

    I thought the logo was lacking something so I put another piece of 'word art' onto the football stating when the club was established (1960) and finished it off with two small 'clipart' footballs that are situated either side of the main badge. I set the image control of the footballs to 'watermark', so that they wouldn't be too striking. DRAFT TWO: Although I had the main logo designed, I felt that subtle changes needed to be made in order to make it look slightly more professional.

    • Word count: 1346
  18. A Marketing Research Report - DVDs.com

    And another survey methods should be employed to help to assess the effectiveness of the new graphic. II Introduction Background According to the case, the original graphic design is thought to be obsolete and a new substitute is suggested. Before put the new one into real market, testing market is carried out to prove whether the current design should be adopted it or not. Objectives The purpose of the report is to help the firm to assess and improve the accuracy, validity and reliability of the outcomes of the test via analysing, comparing and summarizing the measures so as to advance a recommendation for improvement.

    • Word count: 1624
  19. The venture of which I am going to promote is Tamworth Town. Tamworth is not a very big town and not a lot of people know about it and its attractions.

    To make my attraction seem good I will have to display pictures of venues around the town and also of the attractions and facilities that the town has to offer. An alternative to a brochure could be a flier but I can not put as much information on a flier as a brochure as it can not be as big as brochure can be because a brochure can contain an unlimited amount of pages where as a flier is a double sided peace of coloured paper.

    • Word count: 1511
  20. Beeston Rylands Golf Course I.C.T. Cousework

    The entrance to the golf club is quite secluded from the main road that runs through Beeston. The population of Beeston is around fifteen thousand. Interview I interviewed Mr Ian Smith the owner of the golf club to try to find possible tasks: RP: Hello, are there any problems in particular with the current system that requires any immediate work? IS: Nothing in particular, but we are struggling with the current system of recording members. The current system is non-computerised. It is currently very slow and subject to errors by staff. We are looking to create a database form it.

    • Word count: 1353
  21. Designing a Logo

    Or as I found out kp_end, kp_5 and kp_pgup. When you let go of Alt... hey presto a � rite before your eyes. Then I just type the lex bit and underline it. And to make the Flex more pretty I made it red. So your finished product will be something like this �lex. See it looks pretty good and better then Tax and Bolt I assure you. The software I will use for my logos will be Microsoft paint and for my questionnaire I will use Microsoft word. And sir said to mention about windows and that so I think the computer I used was Windows 95.

    • Word count: 1341
  22. DTP Assessment

    I will use a scanner to transfer real images into the computer. A scanner works when rays of light are reflected from the paper to a small camera that is sensitive to colours, and transmits all the colours in a data format to the computer. 3. A keyboard is the second most useful item, when you press a key; the keyboard gives a coded number (such as o11ooo11). The CPU receives that number and changes it into a letter (01100011=a), and I will use it to include writings into my database assignment.

    • Word count: 1614
  23. Project Evaluation: Comparing my Outputs to the Specification

    The Business Card I have produced a business card that meets all the requirements set out in my design specification. It * Looks professional * Contains the logo * Contains the name, address, postcode and website of the company * Has space for the employees name * Is striking and very bright, without being garish * Contains a short statement about what the company does. The card is only one sided and this was something that was said could be improved.

    • Word count: 1483
  24. Graphic Design : Producing a Graphic Product

    of hours x hourly rate. E.g. 1 x �20 = �20 Materials - Coloured paper, etc, or designing E.g. �20 Sundries - Phone calls, faxes etc, E.g. �20 Offset lithography printing - 0.1 p per unit = �100 Total - �160 Cost per unit = o0.16. As I have used special colours and finishes for the examples stated here, the cost is a lot higher than it would be if I was using one basic colour design. Although the more I produce of a graphic product, the price goes up, the price for each individual unit is cheaper with the more I produce.

    • Word count: 1378

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