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GCSE: Graphics

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  1. Advertisement project for IT

    the bottles to be in the right position whilst following each other, so I added guidline rulers, to keep every thing in align. Screen clipping taken: 4/3/2009, 3:17 PM I placed the bottle in between the rulers, so this will make every in the right synchronization. The two lines you see in the picture, in which the bottle is standing Are going to act as my guide rulers, and I made a mistake. I should've drawn them in a different layer, but I forgot. So I have to now cut the lines, and add them to the new Layer above.

    • Word count: 2516
  2. A Business Analysis of the Boject Oriented Hypermedia Design Model

    OOHDM is developed through a four step process which includes; conceptual design, navigational design, abstract interference design and implementation. (Rossi, et al) Conceptual Design Phase During the conceptual design phase the model of the application domain is created using object oriented modeling principles. The creation of the application domain determines the discourse of the application. There are two types of objects that are represented in this phase: the objects that provide computational support and the objects that will be perceived as nodes in the navigational design phase. (Rossi et al) The navigational design phase is very important to the success of any hypermedia application because navigation is what separates hypermedia design from other applications.

    • Word count: 2619
  3. Designing a pond cost calculator to be used by Jo when she is calculating the cost of a customers pond that they are just about to buy from the Plant House Garden Centre.

    By doing that I will indicate how I will go about making the calculator and solving any eventual problems I might come across. I then shall write a paragraph or two on a making plan for the calculator, explaining in what order I will be making the calculator. Finally, after I have written about how I am going to make the calculator and what order I will be making the calculator in, I will then design a testing plan that will show how I am going to test to see whether my calculator works or not.

    • Word count: 2248
  4. My project will be a promotional package for a newly formed company. It will be a food company, which produces top quality traditional Chinese food, e.g. moon cakes, ¡¥waxed sausages¡, etc.

    The business card should provide contact details of the company, such as name of the company, its logo, working hours, contact numbers and address of the company (also, a web site address if available). Same details will be needed for the letter headed paper. Section 2 Collecting Information Collecting Information Food I need to find out what Chinese foods are popular amongst the people from foreign countries so that the company can attract more customers. I have asked many of my friends who are from European countries, and from what they have told me, fortune cookies are the most popular Chinese food product throughout the world, then comes the mooncakes, Chinese sausages, wonton, rice dumplings and spring rolls.

    • Word count: 2673
  5. Creating an anti-smoking leaflet.

    But I will produce this leaflet on publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher 2000 because it will give me a lot of control over the layout of the leaflet and the background colours. My objectives for this leaflet are as follows: * To make a booklet that is good enough to be reproduced in large quantities to be spread around the country * To add pictures and other graphics into the leaflet * To make the leaflet colourful and eye catching * To make the language and dialect in the leaflet as simple as possible so it will be appealing

    • Word count: 2278
  6. 'Produce a promotional package for a newly formed company'.

    Introduction to My Company My company is going to be based in the tourism industry, because I wanted to produce a project different to most other people in my class, and it was an area of industry I felt I would enjoy researching. I am going to begin a new hotel chain called Parker Hotels. I intend it to be a middle-of-the-range, overnight stay style of hotel, suitable for motorists on long journeys. It will be cheap and affordable, and yet I hope to have an excellent quality of service and good facilities to attract customers.

    • Word count: 2602

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