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ICT - Microsoft Publisher, Pizza restaurant menu.

Extracts from this document...


GCSE ICT PROJECT Microsoft Publisher Pizza Restaurant Menu Part One - Identify Statement of the problem Mr Suits is the owner of a pizza restaurant - "Pizza Colosseum". Mr Suits wants to open up new branches. At the moment his restaurant only has a very dull looking and unattractive menu. It is simply a list of the food available typed up using a word processor. Although he has many regular customers, many of his customers judge the restaurant when they see the uninspiring menu. He needs a new menu in order to attract more customers to raise enough profit to expand. Sometimes, the customers want to know whether a dish is vegetarian or not, spicy or not. They also want to know what ingredients are in the pizza, sometimes the waiters/waitresses are busy and do have the time to answer these questions or do not actually know them. Consideration of Alternative Solutions One solution could be to produce an attractive menu by hiring an artist to draw up an eye-catching menu. This could then be colour photocopied and distributed. However, colour photocopying is very expensive and a hand drawn menu does not seem very professional. Every time the menu has to be updated, the artist has to be hired again and the design photocopied all over again. Another solution could be to use the current word processor method but add the extra needed content such as description of dishes and "suitable for vegetarian symbols". Multiple copies could than be printed and put in the restaurant. This would definitely be more effective than a hand drawn menu. But a word processor is not as suitable for this task as a desktop publishing program. The final option is to use a desktop publishing program; it contains many features, which are suitable for the production of a menu. It can print the menu in special folds such as three-fold. ...read more.


The other copy should be kept far away in case a natural disaster such as hurricane happens or someone damages both the PC and the backup. A password is needed to prevent unauthorised users from changing the menu. Microsoft Publisher does not have a password protection function but I can compress the file and place a password on the compressed file. This is possible as the compression software has a password protection system. The password should not be written down, the Mr Suits should remember it. The password should be changed regularly in case someone who is restricted finds out what it is. A virus checker is needed so that viruses will not harm the file and a firewall to ensure that hackers do not damage the file in any way. Part Three - Design Initial Designs In the initial design, I will find out which is the best way of folding the menu. The first option is no fold, the second option is fold into two and the third option is fold into three. Option 1 - No fold Option 2 - Fold into two Option 3 - Fold into three I have chosen to use option three - fold the A4 paper into three, this is because it can be folded small enough to fit in a pocket and taken away. It also provides a base for the menu to stand up. A menu with no fold would less convenient for the customers because they would have to fold it up themselves, it would also take up too much space on the tables. Folding the paper in two would still not make the menu small enough to fit in most pockets. On the next page. is an initial design of the menu. Another thing to consider is the colour scheme of the menu, here are some colour schemes that will be considered: 1. ...read more.


24. The menu must include a photo of a pizza The menu did include a photo of a pizza from the restaurant taken with a digital camera by Mr Suits. 25. There must not be any spelling or grammatical errors There was a slight grammatical error, which has now been corrected. 26. It must contain the restaurant logo The menu contains the restaurant logo at the back and the title logo on the front of the menu. 27. The file must be password protected The file is password protected though a compression program. User Feedback on solution I have received a letter, which is on the next page with the users comments and suggestions. Further suggestions for improvements The user's suggestions of improvement have given me ideas of how to enhance the menu. I could include a background picture to the entire of the second side by obtaining another photo of a pizza off Mr Suits and whitening it on Paint Shop Pro so that the text can still be seen. Then inserting it in the menu and sending it to the back. I can include more pictures by adding some right at the edge of the menu to add extra effect to it; this could be very easily done. I could also publish the menu onto the restaurant website, simply by saving it as a web page. Dear <your name here> I am very satisfied with the menu you have made for me. It is a great improvement on what we had before! However there are some improvements that could be made to the menu. 1. There could be a large picture as the background of the second side of the menu with the dishes 2. There could also be more pictures to brighten up the menu and make it even more attractive These possible enhancements aside, this is a very well made menu and will improve the attractiveness and business of the restaurant. I thank you very much for making this menu for Pizza Colosseum Yours Sincerely T.H. Suits ...read more.

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