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Product Analysis


I will create a night light, where each light will come on at night and automatically switch off in the morning.


The automatic night light will be made for the use of little children (of both genders) aged between 4-9 years old.


The child’s night light will be used whenever light is needed to brighten up a dark area, this is likely to be during night-time before a child is going to sleep or when a child wakes up during the middle of the night needing to go to the toilet.


  • For night time trips to the bathroom as there will be no need for the child to fumble around for the light switch and no longer will the child feel scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • For children who need a light to help them sleep or children who prefer to sleep with the lights on to make them feel relaxed.


The child’s night light will be placed on a bed side table and so must be freestanding and aesthetically pleasing as the child will look at it frequently.


The night light casing must fulfil the following functions:

  • contain and hold the electronic system
  • protect the electronic system from damage
  • make it convenient to carry, use and store the product

The PCB and wires are fragile so need to be encased and protected by a hard shell. Also to prevent the child form messing with the circuit.


To be durable yet aesthetically pleasing to the customer.
This will increase the life span and awareness of the product.


I will create a simple, but effective packaging and therefore, there should be no faults.
The main function of the casing is to protect the PCB as it is fragile. The case will be of a simple design, which should be less errors with its overall function.

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Quality Requirements

The packaging is required to have a high quality finish, therefore it must have smooth edges and rounded corners.
It will ensure that the final product is aesthetically pleasing, increases safety hence improves overall product.

Safety issues

The product packaging must have rounded edges that has a radius of around 2-5mm and a smooth texture
So that the child will not hurt themselves.  

Size requirements

The automatic night light must be to fit in a shoe box (29.5cm x 18cm x 9.5cm).
This is because it should not be too big, as it will ...

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