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School Canteen Quetionnaire

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School Canteen Questionnaire Jamie Oliver reports that the environment in which meals are served is as important to students as the quality of the food. The purpose of this questionnaire is to assist adults and students in evaluating the dining environment at school. ...read more.


Please also include any additional comments you may have. And then for question 10-14 please circle the answer that best applies to you. Negative Neutral Positive 1. The noise level in the cafeteria ????? 2. The smells in the cafeteria ????? 3. The lighting in the cafeteria ????? 4. The taste of the food ????? 5. The way the meals are presented ????? 6. ...read more.


10. If you do have school lunch where do you buy it? West/East 11. How much do you spend on average a day? �1-�1.50 �1.50-�2 �2-�2.50 �2.50-�3 �3+ 12. If the school canteen were to get a bar where you could make your own fillings for your sandwiches/rolls etc.. Would you be interested? Yes/No 13. Do you think the school canteen produces a wide enough variety or food? Yes/No 14. Do you think the school canteen gives a range of healthy food? Yes/No ...read more.

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