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GCSE: Textiles

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  1. Textiles Finished Garment Evaluation. When picking out my fabric and components for my blazer I took in to account peoples opinions, the cost of making and what fabric fits its purpose.

    as the trend is going to be big in spring/summer 2011 so they want to product the garment before their other competitors. Before all of the designing and manufacturing stages I had to do some research which fits in with my design brief, I researched existing products so I didn't make something that is already out on the market, I did some market research to see what would appeal to a wide audience, I researched the most popular decade in Britain from the past, and I did some client research on London Fashion Week.

    • Word count: 731
  2. Design and technology project research methods.

    This result has influenced me because now I know what im going to do and how im going to make a product that will combine the two colours. I have learnt from my research because now I know what teenagers want. Also what will make my product different from the rest. Therefore the survey has helped a lot. Photographs The purpose is that you can have a clear idea of what kind of quilts are available to teenagers already just by looking a photograph because you don't want to make a product that already exist in the teenage market because

    • Word count: 681
  3. Design specification. The main feature that my product will have is reversible quilt and cushions and patchwork. Patchwork is fabric that is sewed on quilts by hand to create a pattern.

    The theme of my product is 'Natural Look' and the colours that I will use are blue and green because that what my target market have chose. Also they are very popular colours. I will combine these two colours and create one product. The main feature that my product will have is reversible quilt and cushions and patchwork. 'Patchwork' is fabric that is sewed on quilts by hand to create a pattern. My product will be Uni-s*x meaning boys and girls can use it because the two chosen colours by my target market are two good colours to make a Uni-s*x product with.

    • Word count: 585
  4. Development Details - Textiles - Cultural Products

    Textiles Coursework-Development Page 2 Hareeka Malhotra Textiles Coursework-Cultural

    • Word count: 11
  5. Evaluation for textiles

    My garment fits in well with my design brief and specification points as it meets most of them. My design brief stated that the garment must be suitable for a summer party and casual wear and must be cheap as my client's mother is on a diet. I feel that my garment has met these points. Looking at my finished product it feel that if I was to make my garment again I would work more efficiently as I did not meet I expected time. Also I would change my main skirt so that it can be removed if the client gets to hot.

    • Word count: 957
  6. product analysis

    I definitely want to incorporate part of the style of this dress into my final design in some way. This is also a halterneck dress but it is longer and more flowing than the previous dress.

    • Word count: 265
  7. textiles product report

    Also when manufacturing for the industry I would make slight changes to my design for example I would use less components and instead of then lining would use a much neater over locker to finish the edges as this would be less expensive then buying in lining.

    • Word count: 542

    for commercial production in batches The material I use has to be: > Strong and hard wearing > Easy to wash > Stain resistance > Reasonably priced > Light weight POSSIBLE FABRICS EXISTING PRODUCTS 'Solitare' curtains.

    • Word count: 237
  9. environmental considerations object 5

    Storage areas and walkways should be clearly marked and kept clean and tidy, with waste materials disposed of correctly. Many materials can be recycled or can be used by a waste diposal company. The area should be large enough for the number of workers, and there should be suffiecient light, heat and ventilation. Ventilation Many processes in the textile industry generate dust and fumes. These particles in the air can be breathed in, casuing damage to the lungs and throat as well as irritating the eyes and skin. Workers mixing dyestuffs or chemicals used in finishing fabrics are particularly at risk.

    • Word count: 609
  10. Final evaluation for A-line skirt

    It turned out that it was worth the risk as I am happy with my outcome of the skirt. As I already mentioned my skirt is a beige/cream colour, it is A-line it is made out of a unusual type of fabric that even the shop keeper couldn't remember the name of the fabric. I tried to be a little more creative and different and I added layers to the skirt. In fact I added three layers to the back and to the front.

    • Word count: 847

    He also set up the Kelmscott Press as a medium for his writing and elegant book design. With Edward Burne-Jones, he set in motion the highly influential Arts and Crafts Movement - thereby implementing an incredible change in the vision of British art. William Morris Colours Duck Egg, China Blue, Morris Green, Weld Yellow, Chalk White, Red Ochre and Madder Red. Inspired by the large collection of Morris' work in the Victoria and Albert Museum, these paint shades and their names are evolved from colours he used in many different media, involving interior decoration, furniture and textiles.

    • Word count: 834
  12. For my critical review I am going to look at shoe designers Susan Bennis and Warren Edwards, and especially at their, 1989 glass beaded evening slipper.

    I think that you would find that there is a limited number of clothes you could wear with these shoes, although some would argue that this is what fashion is about. Wearing a piece of clothing once, just to get noticed, but nothing to drastic. These shoes seem to be the shoes that you would look at from a distance, rather than up close. When I look at these shoes, I don't see story or meaning behind them, but I do believe that they reflect the social background, and fashion of the 80's - loud and outrageous, the colours clash.

    • Word count: 768
  13. History of Shoes.

    From various different types of shoes, you can tell the myths and legends of different races. The shoe, even up until now, continues to tell those myths and legends which have come down on us. Stories like Mercury's Winged Sandals, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, and others all existed in some ancient and forgotten tongue, but are still well known to children. The shoe has also been known to bring luck when thrown after the newly wedded couple. In its very first form, the shoe was just a simple piece of plaited grass or rawhide, which was strapped to the feet.

    • Word count: 716
  14. Annie Sherburne - shopping with a conscience.

    A number of things can be done to improve the aesthetics of a sample or piece of fabric. One way is using dyes. Dyes are absorbed into the very fibres of textiles, ensuring a much longer lifetime than paints and pigments which are applied to the surface of a textile or fabric making them more vulnerable to damage. At it's most basic, dyeing can be described as a process in which yarn or fabric is immersed in a solution produced by boiling up selected raw materials or dyestuffs. These may be animal, vegetable or mineral in origin. The first alternative to natural dyes was discovered in the 1850's as a result of the analysis of the chemical structure of indigo, a dye frequently used in Ancient Egypt and the oldest dye known to man.

    • Word count: 661
  15. Appliqu and quilting.

    It is washable, lightweight, warm and easy to work with. The thread required for quilting must be strong. Quilting can be done by hand or machine. For both techniques, the fabric is prepared in the same way: * The layers are Assembled in the correct order. * Working from the centre of the fabric to the outside corners and, if necessary, also in between, the layers are tacked together * The fabric is smoothed down and ensured that it is flat. Quilting creates a contrast between a design element and its background, consequently giving the 'design element' a larger emphasis.

    • Word count: 723
  16. Clothing - Fashion - Cosmetics

    One thing every one loved about fashion was bright colour. They usually wore lots of layers of clothes. To make the garments more spectacular the doublet, trunks, skirt or bodice often had many slits, which opened as the wearer moved to show the colours of the material underneath. Although no two people wore the same things they were something like this. First, a long shirt, usually highly decorated, with long sleeves and frilly cuffs. Then a pair of coloured under-trousers (not under pants) called canions, which were held up by string ties. Stockings with fancy garters followed, and coloured shoes made of soft leather, silk or velvet.

    • Word count: 736
  17. The peoples guide to knowing your townies

    There are many different classes of townies to be aware of, these are... Townie tramps This race of townie prefers to wear old out of date clothes, colours faded away or aluminous. The most well known clothing of a townie tramp consists of; a pair of Addidas joggers, faded aluminous green which they see as the best colour, a faded grey Nike t-shirt with a large Nike tick which fills most of the front of the t-shirt. A matching tracksuit jacket would do nicely, again faded aluminous green. The footwear is usually some old football boots Astroturf soles of course.

    • Word count: 757
  18. To design and make a dish for a special diet.

    Egg must be hard boiled-so not runny. 3) Small slices of bacon- so don't choke. 4) Has to look like a face-appealing to a toddler. 5) Small quiche-toddlers have small appetite. Mash Face Design Specification 1) Mash must not have too much butter in-To creamy for a toddler. 2) Slice sausages must be the same size so looks even. 3) Big Sausage must be cut into sections- so it is easier to eat.

    • Word count: 439

At one time in the 19th century there were more millionaires in Dundee than in any other city in the world and they amassed their fortunes through the production of jute. Jute is a textile that was imported from India and was used to make sacks, carpet backing, chairs and just about any product that required a coarse and robust material. This, in a nutshell, provides you with an insight into the importance of textiles.

We do tend to assume they're only used for clothing but their uses are mind-bogglingly diverse; from furnishings to road surfaces to medical body parts to cars - textiles are all around us, not just on us. GCSE Design and Technology Textiles enables students to gain knowledge and understanding of the materials involved, their use, their design and the processes required to produce them for a purpose. You'll be designing, testing and producing your own textile products which need to be able to be a success in the market that you have chosen for them. Assessment is done by both coursework and examinationand you can access some great essays on the Marked by Teachers site to see how others have coped with the demands of D&T Textiles questions.


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