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The venture of which I am going to promote is Tamworth Town. Tamworth is not a very big town and not a lot of people know about it and its attractions.

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IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM The venture of which I am going to promote is Tamworth Town. Tamworth is not a very big town and not a lot of people know about it and its attractions. The town is an exciting town as it has a very good historical background. It also has Leisure and shopping facilities for the younger and older generation to enjoy. When I promote this town I will be aiming at the older generation and families in Europe. I will aim at the older people because they will be more interested in the history of the town but I am also aiming at families because Tamworth has more attractions that will appeal to families other than just the historical castle, it has theme parks and leisure centres as well. For my promotion I will produce a brochure to be displayed in holiday making shops, tourist information centres and to be posted to random streets in local newspapers and magazines over Europe. I will need to produce my brochure at an appropriate size and think about the colours that I use to cut down the printing costs. However I will need to make my brochure colourful and attractive so that pertencial tourists notice it but I must not create it to my liking of colours and design because it may not appeal to some people, as they may not like the colours that I like. ...read more.


I may edit some images to make them look a little bit brighter. I may also put a background on some of them too; this might make them stand out a little bit more. A general layout of the output that I will produce is pictured in a table below: (FRONT) (BACK) As I will be producing a small booklet I cannot draw every page but they will look something like the front page and back page apart from the fact that I will have a little more text to explain the attraction that I am promoting on that page. To make sure that my work is safe, for if my computer should crash at some point, I will set whichever program I am using to an auto save so that it automatically save my work after every 25 minutes. For extra security I will make sure that anything that I get from the Internet is automatically checked for viruses. Every time I save my work I will also save it to my 3-1/2 inch floppy disc so that if the file is lost while I am not at school I will have a backup copy of it at home. Keeping safety in mind I will also have to check the disc is formatted so that I do not lose the data on the disc as well as on the computer. ...read more.


I will use the colour of white because it stands out a lot over the colour of blue that I am using for the background. I have chosen Copper Black for the type because it is a bold type and it is also attractive. COLOUR AND TYPE If there is a heading that I would want to stand out a lot then I would probably make it multicolour and in a banner type of style. I can do this very easily using a program that the school and I have. This program is called Type Twister. See below for an example of a bannered heading: Obviously I will not use this design of writing all of the time because some people may not like this style of text and they also may not like the colour. This could then put them off my brochure and then they will not get the full benefit of the message that I am trying to get across. For the background to my brochure, I will use a multicoloured box. I do not want to use to many different colours because of printing costs and it could also strain the reader's eyes when they are trying to read the contents of my brochure. I have chosen to use a blue background that slowly fades into a white colour. The picture below displays the background that I have made on Corel Draw 10. I will copy and paste this into my brochure for the background; Martin Alexander 10P1 Project One Desktop Publishing 4 ...read more.

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