An Act of a script using director's instructions and dialogue

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English Language Coursework: Personal Writing

An Act of a script using director’s instructions and dialogue

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Note that none of the characters except Angela are named so the audience do not connect with the characters and they instead focus on the isolation Angela is feeling.

Act one

Scene 1

Curtains open to a sitting room in a house.  The room is full of cabinets, bookshelves, sofas and a television.  A 9-year-old child we know to be Angela sits on the sofa staring gloomily at her feet, while her mother sits in the chair opposite her.

MOTHER: Is this about your dad?

ANGELA: (Stiffly). I don’t even remember my dad.

MOTHER: Angela…. why do you never talk to me about it?

ANGELA: Because I know all about it, you hate him and he hates you so you are not living together anymore.

MOTHER: (Sighing). We do not hate each other we….  

ANGELA: (Shouting). Then why are you not together? You hate dad, dad hates you and I hate you too.

MOTHER: (Fighting back tears) Is that why you keep playing with the matches?  Is it because you hate me?


MOTHER: Why then Angela?  Why go to all the trouble of climbing up on chairs to reach them? (No reply) Why do you keep disobeying my rules? I have them for a purpose…so you do not get hurt!

ANGELA: No you do not; you have rules so you can make sure I have no fun!

MOTHER: That is not true at all, what would have happened if you had burned yourself, then dropped that match and set fire to the house.  Who could have saved you if I was upstairs, and you were nowhere near an exit? (No response except a slight shuffling) You better start obeying my rules or things are going to get very unpleasant round here.  Meanwhile you can go to your room and think about what you have done, no television and no computer.

Join now!

ANGELA: (Shouting) That is not fair! Not fair! Not fair!  (In tears) You are really horrible! It is not fair!  I hate you!

MOTHER: Go to your room! Don’t you dare talk to me like that, when all I have tried to do is talk to you. Just go to your room.

Angela, still crying and screaming’ it is not fair’, runs off stage.  Lights dim to blackout and curtains fall.

Scene 2

Curtains open to a primary school playground.  Children cluster together in random groups some sitting, some standing, some motionless and talking and others moving exaggeratedly ...

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