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Blue Remembered Hills Synopsis

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Blue Remembered Hills Synopsis Scene 1 - Willie and Peter are introduced, setting the time the play is set and the age of the characters. They're talking about fighting and parachutes, which suggests it is during World War 2. Scene 2 - They talk about the other characters, giving us a deeper insight about what they're like and what kind of stuff they do to keep themselves entertained. Scene 3 - They discover and chase after the squirrel, expressing their childlikeness even more. Scene 4 - They run into John and Raymond, and then start picking on him, showing that Raymond is a weak character, and that John, Peter and Willie have a higher status in the play. Scene 5 - Angela, Audrey and Donald (Duck) ...read more.


Scene 9 - Is a short scene showing the children's childlikeness again and what they have to do for fun in that time period. Scene 10 - We see the four boys and the two girls together in this scene and how they react to each other. The conflict between John and Peter is also first shown in this scene. Scene 11 - This is John and Peters fight scene, and showing Johns rise in status when Peter runs away. Scene 12 - We see the weak side of Peter. Scene 13 - Donald tries to suck up to Peter and become his friend in this scene, and we also find out why Donald was whispering "come back dad" in Scene 7. We hear the siren. ...read more.


Scene 24 - Everyone decides to play a trick on Donald after running out of the woods. Scene 25 - We see that Donald has set fire to the barn, but as he is about to run out the door closes. Scene 26 - We see them with the door closed, pretending to be the Italian, oblivious to the building going up in flames. Scene 27 - We see Donald trying to get out of the building, but getting trapped. Scene 28 - Willie is the first to realise that the building is on fire, they open the door and see Donald for a split second. But then the barn implodes and is totally engulfed in flames. The six other children run. Scene 29 - The six children are sat in a field, realising what has just happened, deciding what to do. ...read more.

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