Compare and contrast act 1,scene1 of Shakespeares play 'Macbeth' with the cinematic interpretation by Roman Polanski of the same scene.

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Compare and contrast act 1,scene1 of Shakespeares play ‘Macbeth’ with the cinematic interpretation by Roman   Polanski of the same scene.

    Macbeth is one of the great plays written by William Shakespeare in the sixteenth century ,over three and a half centuries ago .It is known all over the world and is still very popular even to this very day.It is the basis of many movies and theatrical plays .One film interpretation was made by Roman Polanski in 1971,centuries after it was first performed in Elizabethan sixteenth century England .Therefor there is a great difference between this and the original ,as things have changed greatly over the many years .

    Shakespeare was an amazing story writer and entertainer and obviously wanted to catch his audiences imagination ,but even for such a gifted person as he, it must still have been a very difficult task .He had to rely on vivid descriptions and whatever was available in his theatre and the imagination of the audience to put a picture in their heads of the setting, surroundings and and the mood of the play.

    The play Macbeth was written in sixteen century Elizabethan England .In very different times compared to today .The people of sixteenth century England were very superstitious, believing in witches ,evil spirits and the supernatural .They recognise that the banging of drums create the sound of thunder and signified the presence of evil .They also had a clearer understanding of the language used .

    Roman Polanski created his cinematic interpretation in 1971 and therefore had an easier job in capturing the people’s imagination  especially as he had cinematic technolodgy as his disposal ,however his modern audiences would have been more cynical ,in general ,concerning witchcraft and superstitions and would not have appreciated the symbolism as Shakespeare’s sixteenth century audience would .How success was this film director ,therefore ,in recreating act 1 , scene 1 of ‘Macbeth’?

    Concerning the opening of his first scene act 1 ,scene 1 ,Shakespeare recognised the needs to grab his audience’s attention instantly ,letting them know what was going on ,by giving them clear graphic descriptions to put fear into their minds.

    His play was performed in an open air sixteenth century theatre ,with a wooden sixteenth century stage ,and the vivid descriptions he gave to let the audience know what setting to visualise.

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    Act 1 ,scene 1 ,is placed on an ‘open place’ , amidst the thunder and lightning. Instantly Shakespeare has made the audience aware of the evil present an the emotional violence which will follow in the play .In Elizabethan England people were very superstitious and it was believed that fierce storms released forces of evil, and were omens of unrest in individual people and whole countries .As the scene comes to an end the three witches depart, they ‘Hover through fog and filthy air’, Shakespeare has described the surroundings .Shakespeare ,with a clear simple description has made his ...

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