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Creative Writing for IB Portfolio - Letter to Biff's son.

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Frank Felzmann 4-10-04 English A2 SL Creative Writing for IB Portfolio Letter to Biff's son: Hi George, How are you doing at school? I'm sorry that you can't come with me back to our ranch but Graduation is right around the corner and I don't want you to mess up. You should really try to get some descent grades, cause if you don't you'll end up with a lot of problems when you're older in the long run. I had to work day and night to earn enough money to start a small ranch. I bet you're thinking right now that I'm just telling you a big lie to give you an incentive to get good grades. That is actually partly true and I want to give you an incentive but not through lies. ...read more.


I could never pull myself together and I couldn't take any orders from anyone not even from my own father after leaving school. I got fired out of every good job I had and I even landed in prison for a few months for stealing a suit from someone. That way I ruined the best years of my life. I should have done it like my brother Happy. He didn't like his job, but he was successful and earned a lot. I had the stupidest idea of borrowing money from Bill Oliver, a very rich guy who I used to work for. I'm not sure if it was my dad, Happy or I that made me think that I was a salesman for him, even though I was only a shipping clerk. ...read more.


He thought that he would make us all happy and free by giving us his life insurance. So he drove off with his car and killed himself thinking that the every salesman he knew would go to his burial but no one came. He believed in his own lies of him being successful and that lead to his hallucinations and to his death. So, what I've been trying to say in this letter is that you should do well now when you still have the chance and not waste you're entire life on dreams on speculations. Life is built on work and not on dreams. I own this ranch only because I worked hard for it and all you need is a good start in life to make you're life easier when you are older. I also wanted to wish you luck on you're exams and send my regards to mom and you're younger sister for me will ya? See ya, Biff Loman ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Death of a Salesman section.

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