Creative Writing for IB Portfolio - Letter to Biff's son.

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Frank Felzmann               4-10-04

English A2 SL

Creative Writing for IB Portfolio

Letter to Biff’s son:

Hi George,


How are you doing at school? I’m sorry that you can’t come with me back to our

ranch but Graduation is right around the corner and I don’t want you to mess up. You

should really try to get some descent grades, cause if you don’t you’ll end up with a lot of

problems when you’re older in the long run.

I had to work day and night to earn enough money to start a small ranch. I bet

you’re thinking right now that I’m just telling you a big lie to give you an incentive to get

good grades. That is actually partly true and I want to give you an incentive but not

through lies. I know that I have been quite strict with you in the past few years but you

Join now!

must believe me that it is just for your own good. You really don’t want to end up like me

after graduation.


I actually never graduated, since I flunked Math. I can still remember that as if it

happened yesterday. My dad taught me that all you need to get far in life is by being well

liked, as he always liked to say it. I believed him and I became one of the most popular

guys in high school. It didn’t help me much with my grades though, it ...

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