Dear Mr Priestley - I have recently been studying your play 'An Inspector Calls'

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                                                                                                           28th February 2002

Dear Mr Priestley,

                   I have recently been studying your play ‘An Inspector Calls’ in my school and would greatly appreciate it if you would take time out of your busy schedule to read my thoughts on the following. Firstly I would like to talk about the overall message of the play. Secondly I would like to discuss Sheila’s role in the play and thirdly two different productions of Sheila’s confession speech.

The play was set in 1912 too emphasise the ignorance of people in that day and age. I think you were trying to show how it was very rarely that people admitted to their own mistakes and that people of a higher social class could easily manipulate, control and take advantage of  people of lower social class. For example the Birling’s were upper/middle class and Eva was working class and Nearly all the Birling Family disrespected or took advantage of Eva during some point or another.

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 In my opinion the inspector’s purpose in the play was to make the family see that there ignorance and impertinence could very easily cause a normal person to steep to extreme measures to survive and eventually commit suicide. The inspector’s speech was very dramatic, I thought it was a very good summary of the message the inspector was trying to get across to the family which was ‘ Just because someone isn’t of the same social class does not mean to say they are a lower life form and that it is ok to disrespect and take advantage of them’.


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