Direct a production of Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" focusing in on act 1 scene 1.

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In my assignment I am going to direct a production of Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” focusing in on act 1 scene 1 and comparing and contrasting two very different versions of the play “Macbeth”. I am going to be looking at The BBC Shakespeare that is the “medieval and bleak” production and The Middle English Programme, which is the “modern, rural and abandoned” production. Two different people have directed both of these versions and they have both approached it in a way that I least expected them to, after reading the original script of the play “Macbeth”

        My task is to compare these two versions and to direct act 1 scene 1 in a way that I feel will enthral and excite my audience. Act 1 scene 1 being the opening scene of the play “Macbeth,” needs to have a powerful and explosive opening, this will keep the audience curious and questioning what will happen next. The scene features 3 repulsive and gruesome witches who speak about a man named Macbeth.

        Macbeth is a Scottish play that is set in the 11th century in the late Victorian times in the era of Elizabethan times. The play itself is bloodthirsty and extraordinary yet it’s a play that features great tragedy and greed. The play opens with three unsightly witches preparing to meet with Macbeth. Macbeth was a Scottish Lord, or Thane, who had recently defeated the Norwegian’s army in battle. King Duncan was delighted with Macbeth’s nobility and loyalty in battle that he decided to make Macbeth Thane of Cawdor, because the former Thane had proved himself to be somewhat of a traitor. It is also ironic that this “reward” is what tempts Macbeth to be disloyal and betray his king, friends and his people. Before this happened, Macbeth had met with the 3 witches on his return from battle. They had given Macbeth 3 predictions, that he would become Thane of Cawdor, that he would become king and that his friend Banquo’s sons would become king in the future. Macbeth however was not content to wait for these actions to occur. When his wife Lady Macbeth heard of Macbeth’s predicted success, she came up with a cunning plan for Macbeth to kill King Duncan. With a lot of persuasion Macbeth carried out this horrific crime and Macbeth became the new king. After all these things, things started to go terribly wrong for Macbeth. Banquo, Macbeth’s best friend started to suspect that it had been Macbeth who had carried out the gristly killing of King Duncan. So Macbeth decided to hire assassins that would kill of his best friend Banquo. Macbeth haunted by what he had done to king Duncan and Banquo, yet he still continued to eliminate people who threatened his position. Meanwhile, during all this fracas, Lady Macbeth who was some what controlling at the start went insane with the build up of guilt, and committed suicide. Eventually Macbeth’s castle came under attack from Macduff and King Duncan’s son, Malcolm. Macduff who was ripped from his mother’s womb was however the only man who could kill Macbeth. Macduff beheaded Macbeth, and Malcolm; King Duncan’s son became king. If I were to sum the play “Macbeth” up in a couple of words, I would say it’s a play where ambition can take over and end in a deadly way.

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        As “Macbeth” is a play about evil, treason, greed and tragedy, I feel that the opening scene is a very significant part of the play. In various productions, the opening scene has been presented in different ways. In my production, I will situate my production on a stage, I chose to use a stage presents because in contrast, I found that in the BBC Shakespeare the presents of the stage is very commanding and is controlling. What I mean by this is that it appealed to me more because it was staged in the era that Macbeth was written in ...

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