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GCSE: An Inspector Calls

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  1. One of the scenarios we developed was a letter sent to an inspector by a criminal with some information for the officer. It started by us setting the mood for the scene by having the lights off

    a murder or something else, we also got the idea of doing a comedy on money which was stolen from a bank in London and a policeman on an investigation. From the poster in the red barn we got the idea of doing a murder mystery where two lovers don't get on and one gets the other killed. Also we had a similar play where a husband murders the wife for cheating on him.

    • Word count: 596
  2. The Black Hole

    Officer Freeman decided to do a search around the site where the body was found . Several officers were assigned to the operation . "I'll have you four searching the river and you three come with me to do a finger tip search of where the body was found." "Yes sir." As the men searched along the river something very odd was found by one of the officers . He called over to D.I. Freeman "Sir , come here quick."

    • Word count: 984
  3. How would you direct Act One Scene Two of A Midsummer's Nights Dream, to create comedy for the audience?

    On his recital of the two stanzas of poetry I would direct him to step forward and dramatically deliver the lines with serious conviction, which is looked on with awe by the men but seen humorously for its pretentiousness by the audience. On the line, "What is Thisby? A wand'ring knight?" Flu, whom I would cast as being large and particularly hairy, would stand on the bench gallantly with a foot on the table and his fists clenched to accentuate the humour in the fact he has to play the woman of the play.

    • Word count: 572
  4. In Naturalism, characters do not have free will; external and internal forces, environment, or heredity control their behaviour.

    It is obvious that the narrator is a third person and is omniscient. The all-knowing character (of the narrator) and the ability to slip in and out of characters as no human being possibly could were prominent. The narrator reports the thoughts and feeling of Therese, for example," A sort of nausea seized her in the throat and she shuddered." The passage shows that the narrator is not neutral. He does not obliterate the thoughts and actions of the characters. The writer wants the reader to feel sympathy for Therese. The image of death that the writer uses to describe Therese's feeling clearly wants us to feel sympathy for Therese.

    • Word count: 588
  5. Directing the Engagement Party of Sheila and Gerald

    I would a big light at the middle of the ceiling and some small lights at the wall and I would make two lights on Sheila and Gerald. I would make a big cake and a lot of small candles on the top of the cake and I would make up the bride nicely and the dress I would make it white I would make a black suit for Gerald.

    • Word count: 387

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