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GCSE: Other Plays

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  1. Billy Liar: How to play Rita in her first scene

    I would enter onto the stage by striding from the back of the room, through the gap in the middle of the seating, walking quickly with clenched fists to show aggression. I would pause at the entrance to the stage at the end of the walkway, to allow time for the audience and other characters to take in what has happened. During this pause I would narrow my eyes, as if locking in on a target, and adopt a posture with one hip jutted to the left with my hand placed on it, and one knee slightly bent.

    • Word count: 1896
  2. Frankenstein-The Monster Monologue Script

    But instead you abandon and bailed me. You took away (HAND MOVEMENTS) everything, my life and happiness. Why did you leave me Frankenstein...is it because I did not turn out as you predicted. No! Frankenstein! I did not betray you; you were the one who betrayed me, and you left me. Have you ever thought about my life and what I've been through? Frankenstein... HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH!!! (SAD) I just want to live a normal life... Even though I'm ugly and smell like grave, my heart is warm just like everybody else's.

    • Word count: 743
  3. How would you direct the characters in the yellow bird scene?

    On the line 'Aye, faint. Prove to us how you pretended in the court so many times' I would direct Parris to do a little smirk when he says 'aye' and to walk over to Mary when he says from 'prove' and when he says 'pretended' he should say it in a lower tone and raise his eyebrow. This conveys to the audience that he wants Mary to show that she was lying, knowing that she cannot, he wants this because he wants to prove a point to the judge that Proctor is no good and that Mary is lying.

    • Word count: 3124
  4. How would you direct the characters Abigail and Proctor to convey meaning to an audience?

    She should say this in a tauntingly fashion and give him eye contact while saying this. This shows that she is really trying hard to catch him in a gaze to grab his attention more and she should say the line flirtatiously; and Abigail puts her hand around his neck. As john attempts to push Abigail away, Abigail grabs hold of John Proctors hand in desperation and holds it firmly. Then she says the line: 'John-I am waiting for you every night.' The Abigail's eyes start to water slightly but no tears come out of her eyes.

    • Word count: 1084
  5. Written Comparison with Blood Brothers and Educating Rita

    She put on an appropriate accent and showed how class changes people. I focused on how Julie Walters played Rita because I thought that Rita is much like Mrs Johnstone in terms of class; it helped me know what I have to do to play Mrs Johnstone efficiently. The main objective which helped me in my work was when I and my fellow classmates went to see the production of Blood Brothers in the Belgrade theatre. Seeing Blood Brothers was the most useful material I looked at because it helped me understand the play better, and it showed me how w***y Russell wanted his play to be performed e.g.

    • Word count: 1926
  6. A dolls house act 2 plot summary

    Nora stammers on about how nurse would be a good mother to her children if she ever went away. Nurse tells Nora she will look the best at the ball. Nurse exits and Nora continues to worry about Krogstad turning up that day. Enter Mrs. Linde. Mrs. Linde agrees to mend the dress for Nora for the ball the next day, and says she will turn up just to see Nora in her dress. Mrs. Linde thanks Nora for a god night out the night before, but is concerned about Dr Rank and how depressed he was - they find out DR Rank is very ill due to his father recklessness as a boy.

    • Word count: 875
  7. Evaluative phase

    Behind the Wall is different as it is not from the point of view from someone who is being abused it is from the point of someone who can hear the violence and this makes you feel for the characters because you can kind of feel their disperse of not knowing what to do Weather she calls the police or not because if she not is not being abused and she calls the police she will get it trouble and she does not want that so you can tell she just does not know what to do.

    • Word count: 983
  8. GCSE Drama: Summative Task: Designer Option

    It will also stage the fights between Tybalt and Mercutio before the one of Tybalt and Romeo in act three scene three. The final side is a simple, generic chinese backdrop which will be in the scene where Romeo and Juliet die. The backdrops have been allocated for more scenes but only the most important scenes in the play have been talked about and categorised here. The set requires a monumental amount of space because it will have to turn.

    • Word count: 3352
  9. In what ways were drama techniques and effects used?

    After trying out different styles of staging we decided on having the audience end on this helped increase the size of the audience and made it simple for us the actors because we only had to perform to the front. We also decided on having an apron through the middle because it helped us get on and off and were an extra exit when needed to leave the stage but was also good to get close to the audience and interact with them more.

    • Word count: 634
  10. how did your role emerge within the production

    We decided to have three clowns and thought it important to have the red noses because the audience would instantly recognize what we were playing. Physicality was really important in creating the clown character because we had no lines to say. I decided that I would start by creating a walk for my character because I felt this would help give me an idea of the type of character i wanted my clown to be. I also decided to exaggerate all my movements to make it humorous, emphasize and make it clear to the audience what I am doing.

    • Word count: 759
  11. Historical, social and cultural

    We chose the idea of 'lion tamers' because it was based on a circus however we twisted it so the scene was 'lady tamers' to show how women were treated in the past. We started off with the ladies as wild animals with the men in the middle shouting out the orders such as 'wash the floor'. Then we went onto more advanced techniques were we stood in a 'Stepford wife pose' and spoke lines such as 'have dinner ready, plan even the night before so he can have a warm meal on time.'

    • Word count: 551
  12. Why Oedipus is a Tragic Hero?

    At the end of the play, he's not the King any more; however, he has the King's blood. "O Oedipus, most royal one!"(pg 66) No matter he is the King or not, he is the most royal one after all. Tragic heros are not perfect, and Oedipus is far away from perfect. "How can I believe you?"(pg 33) Oedipus does not listen to other people's advice and he does not believe what he could not see. That's the reason of Oedipus being rude. The falling of tragic hero is caused by himself/ herself. Oedipus killed his father and married to his mother. He may not realize he did that, but his sin is done by himself.

    • Word count: 587
  13. Drama coursework write up

    We intentionally chose to play contrasting characters; Brenda's father was quite close to her while the headmaster's wife wasn't yet she was severely affected by Brenda's actions. The juxtaposing choice of characters aided us in portraying the meaning of the scene to the audience; that how one event could affect so many people. The scene also illustrates how one event can ignite. Furthermore the scene exposes the reality of the fact that guns are given to immature children in America and what the consequences of such juvenile decisions lead too.

    • Word count: 1342
  14. monolouge I am really popular, my very best friend is Violet Bing and my desire is Jake OConnor the school hottie. I had everything I got from my parents and my life WAS brilliant.

    Well there goes the bell, better get a move on before I get in trouble. "Katie, hey Katie!" called Violet from across the room. I walked quietly to her; my cheeks were red as roses. "Did you have to do that?" I said with a husky tone. "Do what?" she replied puzzled "Call name out so loudly the whole world can hear, when I am just over there" I pointed. "Ohhh, that sorry, so did anything happen that is so amazing?" I sat on my seat wondering "Mmmm, no" I replied "Really, so what you trying to tell me is on Friday nothing happened, I mean you didn't go up to the rooftop to meet somebody or you didn't receive any flowers or chocolates?"

    • Word count: 1840
  15. Essay comparing short story Paths(TM) with improvised drama developed from news article Mystery o

    We improvised from this, which was developed as part of GCSE Drama Course, in June 2006. 'Paths' is written by John Christopher, he uses a mixture of people from the past, present and future, which is a good way to write a book as many writers do not do this. It questions people if this could actually happen, and there is a lot of questioning for the audience on what is going to happen next with the boy from the future etc.

    • Word count: 1717
  16. Development Phase - To Kill A Mockingbird

    When it comes to 'So he came in the yard..' She will begin to sound more upset and the pace of the speech slightly slower. And then at ' An' 'fore I knew it..' the pace of the speech picks up and her voice gets louder as Mayella gets even more upset but also slightly angered as she retells her story as convincingly as she can. The last sentence of the speech may also have some truth to it, and the upset and angered tone of her voice may show how she feels because 'I fought, but he hit me agin and agin' is partly the only true thing that did happen, not by Tom but by Bob.

    • Word count: 1237
  17. script on aboriginal

    Molly Daisy and Gracie are in the back of Mr. Neville's care on the way to Moore River. Gracie is crying and Daisy is shaking. Molly: (Whispers to Daisy) It's going to be all right Daisy, I will get us back home. Daisy: (Still shaking) OK Molly, I trust you. Molly: (Turns to Gracie and whispers) Remember the spirit bird Gracie, remember spirit bird... Gracie: (Tears running down her face, wipes her nose with her hand) The spirit bird will guide us home. Where are we going Molly, I'm scared Molly, I want to go home.

    • Word count: 623
  18. Antigonie How I would set the first choral movement

    it enables them to remain central to the action, but still appear less important then the other actors, who would be playing the Gods as well as various kings and queens. The first line the chorus speak takes place just after their has been action on stage involving Antigonie and her sister Ismene. During the time that this action is being played out I would have the chorus crouched down on the ground with their back to the audience so that they will not distract from the action on stage.

    • Word count: 2083
  19. blue remembered hills2

    We also wanted to have lots of energy in our performance. We thought the best way to achieve this would be to rehearse a lot. When we started rehearsals, we found that some people struggled with the West Country accent. This then led to some people getting very irritated with the play and feeling as if we would never reach a point where we could all talk in the accent well. I didn't have too many lines to say, which made it easier that having huge chunks of lines to sustain the accent through.

    • Word count: 1236
  20. the empty space

    He goes on to say that is what people associate with as culture and the culture of British Theatre. Therefore we as an audience are attracted to dull boring plays. Brooks goes on to say that audiences go to theatre to discover something that is better than life and as they most commonly see theatre that goes against this notion sadly they have been cheated. Furthermore Brooks goes on to describe two ways a classic can be performed. Firstly grand productions, where the actors are noble looking, use a special voice and manner.

    • Word count: 2660
  21. Job Description

    During the running of a show, they are usually located backstage. They can communicate with performers and technicians locally as well as other technicians in the running crew using a headset. They usually report to the Production Stage Manager. Detailed Description In the theatre, the stage manager has many roles. Often they keep a book called 'the bible' or 'the prompt script' or 'prompt copy'. This is a copy of the script bound in a folder or book with all of the movements of actors and light, sound and effects cues written into it.

    • Word count: 1606
  22. Be my baby- response

    Mary is from a middle class background and has been sent to St Saviours by her mother. Mary is fairly subdued and timid because she is accustomed to obeying orders and acting responsibly. She appears to be extremely na�ve and ignorant of what childbirth involves. Another key character is Matron who is in charge of the establishment and whilst behaving as a stern disciplinarian, she also appears to genuinely care for the girls and she nurtures them to the best of her ability.

    • Word count: 1266
  23. Discus, in detail, how you would play John in Dennis Potters, Blue Remembered Hills.

    At the beginning of scene 16 John, Willie, Raymond, Audrey and Angela have heard the siren to show a prisoner of war has escaped and they have found a hollow and jumped into it to hide. They have been running so they are out of breath so I would have John gasping for air for the first few seconds of the scene. I would have the two girls cuddling onto John and the other boys to one side to she that the girls think John is the bravest.

    • Word count: 1245

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