Discussing The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare.

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Jessy McMahon

CU Senior English 2

21 Oct. 2008

Hamlet Dialect Essay

        It is understood that in The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare; Hamlet, in his famous soliloquy in scene one of act three (“To be or not to be…”), is considering suicide. Hamlet in actuality is only questioning the thoughts of death and in turn has no real intent on actually committing suicide, this can be inferred by the observations made in the soliloquy. Many of the statements that Hamlet say through the text, draws people to the conclusion that Hamlet is suicidal. The reason why Hamlet is not contemplating suicide, is that he makes the overall decision that it is not gods will and he would not go to heaven and that death is not a proper way out of the hardships in life. Hamlet is also in truth thinking whether or not to act on the ghosts’ directions to get revenge on Claudius or not.

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        It seems as though Hamlet is considering suicide when he uses the words in the expression, “To be or not to be” (3.1.56) inferred by several as whether to live or not to live. This in turn creates the tone for the rest of the soliloquy to be all about Hamlets existence and meaning to life. Hamlet also speaks of death in which he relates to sleep, “To die, to sleep,” (3.1.64), he then contemplates what really happens during sleep and what might occur in ‘eternal sleep’, “…To sleep, perchance to dream” (3, 1, 60-65). When Hamlet says this he ...

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