Frankenstein Poem

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Frankenstein Poem


I argued with my maker

my feelings of insecurity grew

I was confused, unsure

I found myself in the woods

Watching them

Watching them

Observing them

Learning from them

I watched, I saw emotion

I watched, I heard them speak

I learned about their relationships and commitments

They had a father –

A father

A person to rely on

A person to trust

Join now!

A person to admire

I had none of these

I wanted to become part of them

They were delicate, perfect, and innocent

They felt emotion, they had each other

But then I saw myself

My imperfect reflection

My own miserable deformities

My wretched face

Then a stranger came

She was different, not like the others

The cottages taught her

Enabling me to learn

Learn the language

Learn geography, history

Learn how to behave

The stranger was like me, different, unusual

She looked different, sounded different

And they ...

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