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How the legacy of stage lighting affects today's productions.

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GCSE DRAMA - PART ONE ESSAY DANNY WHITE ARA How the legacy of stage lighting affects today's productions From its inception acting and plays depended on natural lighting. At first theatres were out of doors, and from times as far back as 1,00 years B.C. there are records of amphitheatres being built so that the Actors faced the East, therefore bring lit from behind as the sun set. The first recorded use of lighting and effects were in 1545 when the use of mirrors to reflect light through bottles filled with coloured liquids was used to make coloured light. Stage-hands lowering cylinders over candles to dim and trimming the wicks to brighten lights was state of the art. In 1783 the arrival of the Kerosene Lamp with an adjustable wick gave a huge boost to the effects available. ...read more.


With the introduction of electricity the changes, invention and advancement of lighting equipment and techniques has totally changed. Advancement through the first 30 years of the 20th Centuary were dramatic, with the power, out put and controllability of electric lights changing beyond all recognition. The use of lenses to shape and control the beam of light, the introduction of Halogen Gas to achieve a brighter, more natural light, and specialized effects using light directed through special medium such as gels and water have revolutionized the lighting technician's work. Where computer control and electronic dimmers that use variable resistors will take theatre lighting only the next few years will tell. These pioneers have given a legacy to people working in stage lighting today. ...read more.


For the pylon I used bright light to give the feeling of being out of doors. When the fatal accident occurs I combine blacking out all the lighting with a sudden burst of strobe lighting. The pre existing blue hues of the drama studio perfectly compliment the strobe light to give a subconscious blue effect, making the impression of an enormous electric spark very effective. For the soliloquies that help to explain the story line I fade between bright light down to one spot light. This gives a very mean effect, and makes the area around the speaker seem as black as their words. I feel that the lighting board the school has is limiting in that it is not computer linked. I am looking forward to exploring and expanding techniques in this direction should I have access to such equipment in the future. ...read more.

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