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Sybil Birling at the start is described as “about fifty a rather cold women and her husband’s social superior “. Out of all the characters she is the biggest snob and is most aware of the differences between the social classes, and even becomes irritated when Mr. Birling praises his cook for a good meal. From the beginning J.B priestly does his best to give us a bad opinion of Mrs. Birling. She is .very ignorant and we can see that when she ignores things she doesn’t want to believe. These alone in many ways are very childish .Mrs. Birling is the chairwomen of the brumley women’s charity organisation. From what we know this is, as the name suggests, a charity to help all women in need. We find out in act 2 that the organisation was contacted by Eva smith when she was pregnant. She gave her name as Mrs Birling, using the name of the man whom had impregnated her. Mrs. Birling herself was completely shocked when she found out about this and forced the committee to refuse financial hope to because of snobbery at the fact that someone used her family name. This leads us to ask why someone would be elected as chairman or aloud to be, if they were so proud and ungiving. Really we can see that Mrs. Birling wanted the role for status and acknowledgement. Or that she believed that she was a giving kind person who deserved the position and thought she would fulfil it properly. So this is completely hypocritical

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Sheila immediately from the beginning comes across as a lovely young girl with a kind mind and heart. Firstly she defends Eva when finding out that her father had fired her .she shows a very loving personality and the audience is immediately drawn to her. Sheila is also very sure that she is a kind person herself. We find that Sheila was responsible for the sacking of Eva. Eva had been working at a shop named milwards. We know that Eva was a very attractive girl , so when Sheila was trying on the dress she became very jealous ...

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