Love and Relationships - The poem we have been given to study is called 'First Ice'.

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Drama Coursework Draft – Love and Relationships

The poem we have been given to study is called ‘First Ice’.  The author of this poem is unknown to us.  Through this essay, my main focus will be on love and relationships, what emotions are discovered, what atmospheres this creates, and what effect this all has on the audience.

The poem at first did not seem very clear to me.  I did not get the full message until we discussed the poem as a full group.  The poem is about a girl who is in a telephone booth and decides to call the boy she was going out on a date with.  The girl has dressed herself up, does her hair, her make-up, the works, all this was just to go with on a date.  After dressing herself up she finds out, from a telephone call, that he is not coming any more.  We do not know why this was from the poem, so we can only assume.  The girl is devastated by her fate and soon starts to cry.  Her make-up starts to run down her face because of her tears of disappointment.  It was also so cold outside that her tears soon turn into icicles.  Soon after her telephone call, she remembers that she has to walk home, all alone in the freezing cold.  This is the first time she has been let down and you can tell this because the title of the poem is called ‘First Ice’.

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The scene that was set created an atmosphere of bitterness, she also seemed extremely lonely because the poet uses words like freezes, draughty, icy, hurt, alone.  I also think she is lonely because she is desperate for someone to love her back so she put all her time and effort dressing herself up for her date.  Evidence of this is when the poet says,  ‘A face all smeared in tears and lipstick’.  She was also insecure and vulnerable to the world because she has been let down by someone she loved.  You know this the girl was deeply hurt ...

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