The Tragic Hero Overall

        In American society, the topic “hero” is often used in entertainments such as comic books and movies. Not all heroes are a good man kind that deserves a happy ending. In The Tragedy of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is portrayed as a tragic hero, who was initially a basically good man but falls to destruction due to his tragic flaws.

        First of all, Macbeth qualifies to be a tragic hero because he is basically a good man who demonstrates physical prowess and bravery throughout the play. With his courage and war strategies, Macbeth was able to gain victory in the war against Norway and win himself an honor of double Thane. However, many people argue that Macbeth does not qualify to be a tragic hero because he lacks virtue as part of his innate character. For example, Macbeth agrees to frame Duncan’s two innocent guards by making “Duncan’s two chamberlains drunk with wine and wassail” (1.7.71-72), and to blame them afterwards for killing Duncan “When Duncan is asleep” (1.7.69). Moreover, his thoughts of murdering Duncan “If th’ assassination/Could trammel up the consequence, and catch, With his surcease, success” proves him to be a greedy and virtueless person. However, although Macbeth had evil thoughts of harming others, it does not change the fact that he is still basically a good man with both moral and conscience. After murdering Duncan,

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        In order to be a tragic hero, a person has to be neither thoroughly good nor evil. Even though Macbeth is basically a good man, his flaws cause him to commit some crimes that will ruin his peaceful life and will lead him into his tragic downfall. However, others sometimes will say that Macbeth is only a victim of fate, and it wasn’t his free will that led him to his own death. Before Macbeth became the king, the witches had already told him “Thou shalt get kings” (1.3.67). So Macbeth had no choice to choose whether he will ...

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