Review on the musical play Rent.

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I am going to be giving a play review on the musical play Rent. Rent was the first play I had ever been to. With having a certain conception on plays and their whole premise, after seeing Rent I became enthralled with theater and its whole production.

Rent a musical play by Jonathan Larson is a modern musical about life and death that takes place in New York's East Village, populated by drug dealers and society’s forgotten, which is loosely based on Puccini's La Boheme. Rent is part Broadway musical, part performance art, part rock concert. These three seemingly different elements are entertainingly merged in Rent.

Rent chronicles the lives, loves and deaths of its major characters from December 24th through the next Christmas and into the following year. Rent deals with AIDS, drugs, homosexuality, and loss. Loss of innocence, loss of life, loss of work, loss of hope, you name it. Rent is as gritty as its subject matter. It doesn't hide a thing.

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 The story of Rent was something I wasn’t too fond of, with its strong overtones in homosexuality and drug abuse. The vitality and sheer energy of the cast as well as the great score certainly won me over, and overall the cast is very strong vocally.

        Kevin Spencer who plays as Roger Davis- a rock musician, an ex-junkie and HIV+, gave an outstanding performance vocally as well as theatrically. His character is one who doesn’t get out much; he meets, and is immediately attracted to, his downstairs neighbor, Mimi (Krystal L. Washington). She knocks on his door ...

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