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GCSE: An Inspector Calls

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  1. An inspector calls - theatre review

    The production we saw was at Nottinghams own Theatre Royal, I would like to outline the plot and introduce the characters involved, both the character and the actors who play them. First is the Birling family. Played by David Roper there's the head of the family and father of two Arthur, let's not mention how he a considerable amount of times echoes his jobs as a magistrate and a mayor (or at least previous jobs), this man possesses shear arrogance and a callous personality.

    • Word count: 1506
  2. The Immigrant

    Many of them are regulars on the route; however we have never exchanged words. Everyone seems to mind their own business and just get on with the normal stream of life. Interaction seems too come second to work, as many of the passengers immediately reach for their cell phones and laptops, all attempting to pre-occupy themselves and escape from this monotonous reality. Cupping my hands and rubbing them on my cheeks, I can feel each individual bristle of hair, sharp and rough... and silently tickling my sliding palm. My mind begins to daze, staring at the people in the near by cars, time seems to s- t- o- p...., as though we are travelling through a v-o-r-t-e-x ...

    • Word count: 1374
  3. As each character got inspected by the Inspector, the limelight shone on them. This was an interesting use of the lights because in reality that person would have been under the spotlight when they got questioned by the Inspector

    The main theme of the opening was power. It was clear from the start that that was going to be a major theme in the rest of the play. The production started with the sound of the siren (representing World War 1) and with the curtains down. After a minute or so a little boy came on stage and shuffled the curtain material around a bit. After a while, two more kids joined him on stage and this was when the curtains were lifted. One of the other major themes in the introduction was social standing.

    • Word count: 1719
  4. An Act of a script using director's instructions and dialogue

    (No reply) Why do you keep disobeying my rules? I have them for a purpose...so you do not get hurt! ANGELA: No you do not; you have rules so you can make sure I have no fun! MOTHER: That is not true at all, what would have happened if you had burned yourself, then dropped that match and set fire to the house. Who could have saved you if I was upstairs, and you were nowhere near an exit? (No response except a slight shuffling) You better start obeying my rules or things are going to get very unpleasant round here.

    • Word count: 1479
  5. Satire in the government inspector.

    * Uses laughter as a weapon by employing humor and wit in the form of irony, innuendo, or derision. * Using these tools, satirists force us to examine things from a different perspective to achieve enlightenment. * Ultimate goal: to improve society, to make us aware of our flaws. Satire in "The Government Inspector" * Paints a picture of absolute power and mechanisms of totalitarianism. * Theme: government corruption. * Use of satire employs wit in the form of irony to expose human folly in Tsarist Russia. * Satirizes the corruptible nature of power, the cupidity and stupidity of bureaucratic officials.

    • Word count: 1332
  6. Five Forces analysis.

    To begin a theatre, there must be done a lot. For example, there must be building, which is big enough to house a lot of spectators. That is not the only demand: the building must have a good ventilation system, a good temperature installation, good music installations, enough parking space, proper sanitaria, bars and restaurants for extra service and income, good personnel, rooms for the actors and so on. This is quite expensive and therefore, the theatre needs extra grants of the different Councils.

    • Word count: 1454
  7. An Inspector Calls

    We should not behave like Mr Birling and we should not live in isolation. I think that all of the Birlings are played to behave in the opposite way to this so that we, the audience, can see how stupid and false they look as it is hard to see ourselves like this in everyday life when we are behaving the same. 'An Inspector Calls' is such a unique play because it fails to meet the audience's expectations of a conventional plot-the inspector is not at all what he seems, and he has not come to find out facts about a suicide, as first appears.

    • Word count: 1584
  8. In this report I will be reviewing the present situation at the Broadway Theatre.

    Assistant Manager - The Assistant Manager deputises for the Manager and is responsible for the matinees and evening events. Administrator - Is responsible for all the administration as well as the supervision of the office staff. Sales Manager - The Sales Manager is responsible for sales and marketing, promotions and advertising and the supervision of the bookings office. Catering Manager - The Catering Manager is responsible for the preparation and sale of refreshments. Secretary - Is responsible for general word processing and office work.

    • Word count: 1656
  9. Dear Mr Priestley - I have recently been studying your play 'An Inspector Calls'

    In my opinion the inspector's purpose in the play was to make the family see that there ignorance and impertinence could very easily cause a normal person to steep to extreme measures to survive and eventually commit suicide. The inspector's speech was very dramatic, I thought it was a very good summary of the message the inspector was trying to get across to the family which was ' Just because someone isn't of the same social class does not mean to say they are a lower life form and that it is ok to disrespect and take advantage of them'.

    • Word count: 1080
  10. Show how the production of an Inspector calls enhanced the script and furthered your understanding of the play. Refer to themes and characters in your analysis.

    She seems to be the one who develops most in the script and play. From the opening description of her, followed by her account of her getting Eva Smith the sack - which shows her as a spoilt, self - centred brat. She soon seems to face up to her part in Eva Smith's death and talks about the guilt she feels. Act 1 "Its the only time I have ever done anything like that and ill never do it again to anybody". She faces up to her future husband's unpleasant truths and of course her family, especially her father.

    • Word count: 1419
  11. Show how Robert Bolt reveals Richard Rich’s character during his interview with Thomas Cromwell at the end of act one (pages 42 – 46)

    When Rich mentions the post of "The Collector of Revenues for York" shows he is interested in the post and knows that it is available. Cromwell is amused because from this point he knows he can use and manipulate Rich. In the stage directions Bolt uses, Rich "nervously glances around", this shows his reluctance to betray More so quickly, I also think he is still afraid and doesn't want to be corrupted at this point. Cromwell uses the words "repeat" and "report" which imply that Rich is going to have to tell Cromwell things that More has said or done.

    • Word count: 1017

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