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GCSE: Other Plays

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Drama Coursework - The Women In Black Analysis

    4 star(s)

    As it was a professional production, I was constantly studying the play as it unfolded to determine how different types of drama medium had been incorporated to enhance the performance. Although the Women in Black consists of many characters, the company had employed just two actors; one actor to take the role of Kipps and another to take the role of 'the actor'. During the play they swap roles in such a way that the Actor plays a young Kipps and the real Kipps plays all the other characters in his tale that are still vivid in his memory.

    • Word count: 1281
  2. Marked by a teacher

    La Amistad

    4 star(s)

    It is our right at birth. But there are some moments when it must be taken." In two hour, the film captures the general plight of the African people taken from their homes and forced into a life of slavery that was unfortunately common during this time. It is the true story of a little-known armed insurrection carried out by 53 heroic Africans against their slave masters on July 1, 1839.

    • Word count: 547
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Theatre Review- The Woman in Black

    3 star(s)

    There are only two actors through out the whole play, Paul Chapman and Daniel Coonan. They both clash as, in the beginning of the play; the Arthur Kipps who, at this point, is old is looking to re tell his story and meets the young actor who is the one who can help him re tell it. When Arthur Kipps goes to see this young actor he has aged a few years and they both are very different in age and their view point is as well this is shown by the personalities they portray.

    • Word count: 1913
  4. Marked by a teacher

    GCSE Drama Review Of The Play 'Bouncers'

    3 star(s)

    The structure of the play was very central in the sense that it was all in one place but the actors changed from one plot to another, which intertwine in the centre of the club. The genre of this play is an observational comedy, which is, based on Godbers personal experiences, this links with lucky Eric's speeches on where Godbers put down his thoughts and experiences into the play and lets the audience learn about it in a spass content.

    • Word count: 1295
  5. Free essay

    A View From The Bridge, a powerful play by Arthur Miller, was staged in the round at the Manchester Royal Exchange.

    This wasn't helped by the general lighting in the theatre which could never provide a complete blackout on stage due to the large amounts of windows in the upper seating areas. The stage lighting was fairly simple with neutral 'general' lights used for most scenes. This was developed somewhat in important scenes such as Eddie's death and the lighting was altered (although not significantly) when Alfieri recited his monologues. However sound was used quite effectively in these scenes with the same effect being used to symbolise a change in the setting.

    • Word count: 738
  6. My GCSE Drama group went to see 'The Woman in Black' at the Fortune Theatre in London on the 15th of January 2011

    The story is portrayed as an allusion, with Mr. Kipps playing multiple roles, and the young actor playing a younger Kipps. As the story unfolds, the character of the Woman in Black appears more frequently as supposedly "just an actress." Characters: * Arthur Kipps, also plays: Tomes, the solicitor's clerk, Bentley, the solicitor, Samuel Dailey, a local businessman, Pub landlord, Jerome, a local man, Keckwick, Alice Drablow, the deceased woman * Young Actor, also plays: the Young Mr Kipps * Jennet Humfrye, Alice's sister and the Woman In Black * Nathaniel Humfrye, Jennet's son, who was adopted by Alice and her husband.

    • Word count: 798
  7. Cinderella. The lighting on Cinderella was the same in all scenes. It was natural, a yellowish white colour and bright.

    Yellow is usually the colour used for kids toys, it is a childish colour, which shows that Cinderella is not smart at all. The light blue portrays her character it shows how calm, healthy and nice she is. The colour white shows that she is pure and clean. The black contrasts with the other colours, the black shows me that she is a bit dirty as she has to do a lot of cleaning and she also always wears the same clothes.

    • Word count: 1945
  8. Absolute rock performance. On Thursday, December 4th, there was a presentation called Absolute Rock, performed by the Corporate Saturday Rock Band and Absolute Leadership Development,

    2/ The effective personal experiences from several speakers and some true facts that were given out on the presentation. After heard several wonderful rock music, the second part of the presentation, which were some true personal experiences of the some speakers from the Corporate Saturday Rock Band and Absolute Leadership Development. For example, Bobby (one of the guitar players of the Corporate Saturday) was one of the speakers. He said that when he was in high school, he was always making fun and being rude to his friends and classmates, because he thought that is how people should act in high school.

    • Word count: 1383
  9. This review is about a performance Ive seen on March 15 at Frascati. The show is called King Lear and the jesters of Shakespeare are angry and is played by the theatre group t Barre land. The performance is an adaption of the

    After the recovery of the monarch of England in 1660 the play was adapted many times because theatre makers didn't like the dark and depressing tone in the play. But after world war two the play was seen as one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, and the role of King Lear was played by many great actors. The way that 't Barre land' performed this play is very different from how the play originally was intended. The most drastic change in the performance is that it wasn't performed as a tragedy but as a comedy.

    • Word count: 602
  10. Essay on a production of Brecht's "Mother Courage" .

    He made some weird things in between scenes to make audience remember that they are watching a play. He made characters talking to the audience, change costumes and unique acting. He was trying to show how bad war is, and why he believe what he believes. My first impression to Mother courage was it is dark, sad and depressing. The actors broke the fourth wall to communicate with the audience, to let them 'be' in the play, to feel it, to remember it. Music had been used in the play, it was some kind of sad music, it was played during the three child's death.

    • Word count: 931
  11. Medea review - Splendid Productions, January 9th 2012

    All of the costume changes were to the audience and sometimes they would tuck the scarf in their belt, to represent a strong character, like a hero. Other times they would be storytelling and wrapped the scarf around their heads to represent an old granny telling a old story. I thought this was highly effective and a creative way of adding to a character. It made the transitions between characters simple and it only took minimal seconds to change the way they wore the scarves.

    • Word count: 2452
  12. Rivers to Cross Review. Rivers to Cross is an admirable play that takes you on a wistful journey of black history, over a time period of 174 years.

    Although I believe the production was admirable, I thought the story was little confusing at times and could have been made improved, something I would have definitely done if I had the chance. Around the start of the play we see a young boy affected by the London riots stumble upon a museum and become 'possessed' and therefore showing him the past of black history. I didn't enjoy watching the story of the riots being portrayed, especially so soon after the actual event, as it made me think that it had been added to the production quickly and in a short space of time, therefore making the play seem a little bit 'cheap'.

    • Word count: 981
  13. The play we went to watch was called The Woman In Black. The playwright was by Stephen Mallatratt in the The New Victoria Theater

    The actor and Kipps swap roles, as Kipps dose not understand how to make his three-hour story interesting. She wasted away from the inside out ad became sallowed and pale faced. As they are acting the woman in black mysteriously turns up during the story but coincidentally at just the right time. These happenings keep occurring. During the end scenes the actor is playing `Kipps after everything is sorted out all the deeds of the lady who died he gets married and they go for a walk in the park their son shows interest in the horse and trap that goes around the park.

    • Word count: 686
  14. Insanity - a Review. Insanity. Julia Billington played the insane main character. This play displays a lot off different emotions; many of them are scary and make me feel uncomfortable. At first, I thought it was strange, but as it went on I real

    She then falls gently to the floor and stands up again, the noise of falling objects is a strange thing and her faces zooms in and out of the camera. The lighting changes around but stays more or less always a white light. At some point in the beginning, the character starts to turn around in circles until she is on the ground, rolling around. The character seems slightly frightened as she is hugging herself, as a consolation. Then, a video camera that is attached to the wall is zoomed in, trying to show that some other people, whom she might be afraid of, are watching her.

    • Word count: 1211
  15. GCSE Drama Course Work A03 Response to Live Performance

    Sue Condie, the set designer, says, 'using extracts from Winston's diary, I worked to create levels of memory with fixtures, layers and imprints of the people who had lived here before,' which explains the vintage outlook on the set, the levels involved and the lack of color. In the world of 1984, the bland shades meant the emotions that are shown everyday were stripped away, which was a brilliant back drop for the extreme story of the show. Having a plain background but extravagant acting was a good contrast to have.

    • Word count: 2121
  16. How Theatrical Skills were used at a particular moment to create a specific effect for the audience- nation

    The director used the dark stage and beaming lights to represent a sea storm, he succeeded in doing this, as the audience were able to identify a storm. The use of props was also very successful in creating a scary atmosphere and portraying the sea storm. The rope was used to show the outline of the ship; this idea was very simple but very effective. The rope allowed the cast to easily change from one scene to another, yet the audience were able to identify that it was representing a ship.

    • Word count: 1307
  17. Performance evaluation. Makwacha Hip Hopera, originally The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht is a comical and modern version of the text. The adaptation was very cleverly devised by Nanzikambe using the original version for structure and pl

    Their facial expressions were very effective in showing their shock and they shook their heads to show their disapproval. The play also attempts to show the large gap in society between the relatively rich and the poverty stricken people, showing a great deal of status differences- the play portrays how the richer people in this case, such as Mr Phiri (Polly's father), take advantage over the poor and use the country's poverty as a source of "income." The audience became almost appalled by these people's greed and lack of sympathy towards the poor population of the country.

    • Word count: 1671
  18. My Review Of Wicked

    However, the wizard is not so wonderful and is segregating the talking animals in Oz from the rest of society. Elphaba is enraged because she can identify with the animals--so she speaks out against the wizard and defies him. Glinda remains "good" because she doesn't have the courage to defy the wizard. Elphaba is "good" just thought of as "wicked" because of propaganda from the wizard. In the end, Elphaba escapes...she isn't actually melted, but Glinda has been affected and becomes a less shallow and better person.

    • Word count: 1144
  19. A Midsummer nights dream keeps us waiting

    When they entered the forest, the lovers encounter fairies that confuse and complicate their their love. The actors of the play were chosen fairly well and were very effective in creating a good performance. Puck, played by Sarah Bevilacqua was very convincing because of her use of tone, movement and her great interpretation of the role. Puck is a character full of mischief and tricks, Sarah was a great fit for the role and pulled it off wonderfully with her unique sixties costume. Jake Keilhauer, playing the role as Hermia's father performed with a very monotonous voice and was spiritless compared to Isabel joy who played the role of Helena, she was fascinating to watch and used an active voice throughout the play.

    • Word count: 580
  20. On the Waterfront review

    The hooks were the only other props which are symbolic for the workers and they used a minimalistic set but used with great affect conveyed by lighting and small props. I found most engaging in the narrative of the relationship between Johnny and Terry. Johnny is patronizing towards Terry, he mocks him, and doesn't take him seriously. Terry here is the victim. There is this constant idea through the play, of telling the truth and getting hurt. Another relationship I found engaging was the love affair between Terry and Edie.

    • Word count: 775
  21. Sample theatre review (Don John)

    Another aspect of the set I would like to credit would be the black dustbin bags dumped towards the very front of the stage, a symbolic prop discretely telling us of Don John's treatment to women and an authentic look at the dustbin strike that depressingly loomed over many towns at that period of time. The most stunning prop of all, which is not the tacky neon cross that makes an unwelcome hanging appearance every so often, is in fact the backdrop: a fairground sign spelling out, "Shelly's Ride", it later proves to be an in genius idea when used in the play to spell the words, "She" and when at Don John's end, "h**l".

    • Word count: 1658
  22. Evaluation of Live Theatre: Nation

    There are many prominent themes throughout the play, such as the constantly debated relationship between religion and science, the contrast between facts that are rarely doubted and strong belief in something there is little proof of. The play has a strong sense of faith, in the 'grandfathers', 'imo' and the 'god anchors', and also of love, uniting the nation, and found in unexpected places, between Daphne and Mau for example. Nation also illustrates an alterantive view on the cycle of life and death.

    • Word count: 534
  23. Colour of Nonsense Reviewed

    now failed and they had run out of original ideas Scuro was the main cartoonist and it seemed as if the other two had given up, Line was threatening to join another artist and this shows that he had realized that they were failing. The stage also had a shelf of paints, but they were to my surprise ordered, this could show that they hadn't been used for a while because in my view an artist regularly using the paints would be rather messy (like Scuro is with his drawings).

    • Word count: 628
  24. The House Of Bernarda Alba

    The "thick walls" of the room the audience see gives the impression that the room is almost like a prison and caved in. Again, adding to the idea of Bernarda controlling and keeping her daughters inside away from any men. Another part of Bernarda, which I feel is important to emphasise to the audience, is her constant need to be above everyone else and how highly she thinks of herself. The audience may almost feel intimidated by the "arched doorways" as it shows how high class Bernarda is.

    • Word count: 1090
  25. The House of Bernarda Alba

    Adela, being the youngest and most attractive daughter jumps at the fact an attractive man will be around the house a lot and the two have a secret affair. The play revolves around this with tension building until Adela kills herself. Bernarda Alba is a woman of High class and considers herself to be better than anyone else. She is a manipulative and controlling woman and most people, for example the Maid and Ponicia agree with this. We first hear about Bernarda in a conversation between Poncia and the Maid when Poncia says that she is a "Bossy Tyrant".

    • Word count: 811

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    "In conclusion, there were many differences in historical, cultural and social context; however, there weren't many similarities. Personally, one of the biggest factors which made the plays so different was the difference in playwright. Both playwrights had a dissimilar stylistic interpretation of the plays, which made them so diverse to one another. The fact that Reza's play was largely realistic and naturalistic compared to Bertolt who used a range of techniques to break the illusion of realism. Arandeep Heer 1"

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