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GCSE: Other Plays

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    La Amistad

    4 star(s)

    It is our right at birth. But there are some moments when it must be taken." In two hour, the film captures the general plight of the African people taken from their homes and forced into a life of slavery that was unfortunately common during this time. It is the true story of a little-known armed insurrection carried out by 53 heroic Africans against their slave masters on July 1, 1839.

    • Word count: 547
  2. Essay on a production of Brecht's "Mother Courage" .

    He made some weird things in between scenes to make audience remember that they are watching a play. He made characters talking to the audience, change costumes and unique acting. He was trying to show how bad war is, and why he believe what he believes. My first impression to Mother courage was it is dark, sad and depressing. The actors broke the fourth wall to communicate with the audience, to let them 'be' in the play, to feel it, to remember it. Music had been used in the play, it was some kind of sad music, it was played during the three child's death.

    • Word count: 931
  3. Rivers to Cross Review. Rivers to Cross is an admirable play that takes you on a wistful journey of black history, over a time period of 174 years.

    Although I believe the production was admirable, I thought the story was little confusing at times and could have been made improved, something I would have definitely done if I had the chance. Around the start of the play we see a young boy affected by the London riots stumble upon a museum and become 'possessed' and therefore showing him the past of black history. I didn't enjoy watching the story of the riots being portrayed, especially so soon after the actual event, as it made me think that it had been added to the production quickly and in a short space of time, therefore making the play seem a little bit 'cheap'.

    • Word count: 981
  4. The play we went to watch was called The Woman In Black. The playwright was by Stephen Mallatratt in the The New Victoria Theater

    The actor and Kipps swap roles, as Kipps dose not understand how to make his three-hour story interesting. She wasted away from the inside out ad became sallowed and pale faced. As they are acting the woman in black mysteriously turns up during the story but coincidentally at just the right time. These happenings keep occurring. During the end scenes the actor is playing `Kipps after everything is sorted out all the deeds of the lady who died he gets married and they go for a walk in the park their son shows interest in the horse and trap that goes around the park.

    • Word count: 686
  5. A Midsummer nights dream keeps us waiting

    When they entered the forest, the lovers encounter fairies that confuse and complicate their their love. The actors of the play were chosen fairly well and were very effective in creating a good performance. Puck, played by Sarah Bevilacqua was very convincing because of her use of tone, movement and her great interpretation of the role. Puck is a character full of mischief and tricks, Sarah was a great fit for the role and pulled it off wonderfully with her unique sixties costume. Jake Keilhauer, playing the role as Hermia's father performed with a very monotonous voice and was spiritless compared to Isabel joy who played the role of Helena, she was fascinating to watch and used an active voice throughout the play.

    • Word count: 580
  6. On the Waterfront review

    The hooks were the only other props which are symbolic for the workers and they used a minimalistic set but used with great affect conveyed by lighting and small props. I found most engaging in the narrative of the relationship between Johnny and Terry. Johnny is patronizing towards Terry, he mocks him, and doesn't take him seriously. Terry here is the victim. There is this constant idea through the play, of telling the truth and getting hurt. Another relationship I found engaging was the love affair between Terry and Edie.

    • Word count: 775
  7. Evaluation of Live Theatre: Nation

    There are many prominent themes throughout the play, such as the constantly debated relationship between religion and science, the contrast between facts that are rarely doubted and strong belief in something there is little proof of. The play has a strong sense of faith, in the 'grandfathers', 'imo' and the 'god anchors', and also of love, uniting the nation, and found in unexpected places, between Daphne and Mau for example. Nation also illustrates an alterantive view on the cycle of life and death.

    • Word count: 534
  8. Colour of Nonsense Reviewed

    now failed and they had run out of original ideas Scuro was the main cartoonist and it seemed as if the other two had given up, Line was threatening to join another artist and this shows that he had realized that they were failing. The stage also had a shelf of paints, but they were to my surprise ordered, this could show that they hadn't been used for a while because in my view an artist regularly using the paints would be rather messy (like Scuro is with his drawings).

    • Word count: 628
  9. The House of Bernarda Alba

    Adela, being the youngest and most attractive daughter jumps at the fact an attractive man will be around the house a lot and the two have a secret affair. The play revolves around this with tension building until Adela kills herself. Bernarda Alba is a woman of High class and considers herself to be better than anyone else. She is a manipulative and controlling woman and most people, for example the Maid and Ponicia agree with this. We first hear about Bernarda in a conversation between Poncia and the Maid when Poncia says that she is a "Bossy Tyrant".

    • Word count: 811
  10. Ionsecu's Rhinoceros at the Royal Court Theatre. To begin with the staging it was in a shape of a simple square and no staging curtains were covering it.

    The far back wall was made up of joint wooden planks which would slowly fall gradually through the performance. This was first shown when the very first rhinoceros appeared to the performers. A sound which gradually became louder in the background, the performers would look to the side of the stage where smoke would appear, this symbolising where the rhinoceros was charging from, causing a couple of wooden planks to fall off. This was the intended effect of a Rhinoceros charging through the town square, causing the walls to shake. Everytime this happened more and more planks would fall off and by the final scene of the whole performance, the wall had almost completely collapsed.

    • Word count: 896
  11. (2) The complete works of Shakespeare coursework

    This was can be seen even before the play had started. When I first entered the theatre, I immediately noticed the backdrop which was compressed of tapestry loud with titles in graffiti. I thought it looked like a one-dollar production set-up produced in a kindergarden school. Furthermore, the Elizabethan stage wear that was teamed with hose in electric hues and Converse sneakers caught my eyes the moment they hit stage. At that very instant, I realized that this was a formal shakespeare play.

    • Word count: 709
  12. An accidental death of an anarchist Review

    such as comedy bangs & clashes, the performers' voices did 99% of the work, one particular highlight was the closing scene of the first act when the cast burst into a rendition of the Public Enemy hit "Don't Believe The Hype" utilising the dull office furniture in a way in which it's makers never intended. The only other use of music in the performance was the s*x Pistols' aptly named "Anarchy in the U.K."

    • Word count: 515
  13. The Leader Of The People

    His loves his grandfather and think of him as his idol. The grandfather tries to talk him out of his new dream about exploring the world. The grandfather says to Jody, his grandchild: "There's no place to go, Jody. Every place is taken." When the grandfather speaks to his grandchild, he is very depressing and a pessimist, because the American edge is not lost. It has simply changed. The grandfather hadn't the imagination to see the new American edges: the oceans, the planets and the universe.

    • Word count: 911
  14. Review of Taming Of the Shrew

    Thereafter the wedding followed an Katherine moved to her new husband who immediately starts taming her as he sees her bad behaviour; his ways of taming included starving and psychological conversations, that enforce her to believe whatever he says. Meanwhile at home the younger sister Bianca is an affair with a man who disguised himself as a tutor and is in love with Bianca. Lutencio then weds Bianca secretly but Baptista catches them red-handed; therefore it was time for Lutencio to explain to him who he was and what he feels for his new wife.

    • Word count: 909
  15. Lord Of The Flies Review

    I liked the way that they used the lights to show lots of different emotions and objects. They used the lights in lots of ways; one of the ways that they used the lights is the plane crash where the lights bounce around the stage to create a falling image. Another way that they used lights is at the very end when the helicopter drops down they used the lights to make it look light a helicopter descending. Music was a very big part of the play because it shows you what is going on in the scene for example at the plane crash scene they used really loud music to show a panicky mood.

    • Word count: 830
  16. s*x FM Review

    Face Front make these issues relevant to the teenage audience by expressing the social attributes and actions that make the audience understand the whole aspect of the production. s*x FM used various drama techniques. One of these techniques is narration. I think using narration was effective because it made it more understanding but was unrealistic because it sounded as though it was actually a play. It was used at beginnings and endings of new scenes. I think this technique was used because it made it more realistic like as if you were listening to the radio and that made the audience understand.

    • Word count: 833
  17. Comparing Dream Jobs And The Presure Cook

    There was only one character that wasn't a teenager and that was Andrea's mother in The Pressure Cooker. She is in her late thirty's, early forty's. Most of the characters in The Pressure Cooker are aiming quite high in life. Andrea wants to do well in life and go to Drama College. Graham couldn't care less about his future and wants to go on the dole. Dawn wants to do well as well. The girls in Dream Jobs are ambitious but will not fulfil their dreams. In both plays it talked about relationships.

    • Word count: 523
  18. Two. When I first read Two by Jim Cartwright, I didnt understand it, but as weve been looking deeper in to it, I now understand his style, and I think its very clever.

    Fred: "Let's remember him, let's give him a name" Alice: "Fat Fat Palomino!" It made me think deeper when they carried on there conversation, I think it made the audiences heart melt when they started picking out each others negatives, as it made us realise they love each other for who they are, and there comfortable with each others appearance. Alice: "Were close in our own way" Fred: "As Close as we can get with our fat!" My favourite characters had to be Roy and Lesley, because there relationship was the most interesting, and as a reader I feel I could really get into it.

    • Word count: 518
  19. Nostalgia Review

    Nevertheless, the play was that brilliant that I didn't notice this often. Nostalgia is a play about Japanese immigrants migrating to Brazil in 1908. It is the story of Noichi, who wonders around the world, falling in love with Ann along the way. Ann, Noichi, and their new companion, Chikino, wander throughout South America. Unfortunately, they get separated because of r****m and struggle to find each other again. Along with r****m, Nostalgia faces such issues as friendship, immigration, and discrimination.

    • Word count: 707
  20. The Response Phase to the play Bouncers by John Godber.

    In the examination we had to make three still images. The scenario of the images was given to us by our teacher. The first name we were given was called the job of a bouncer. We had to show a still image of the typical bouncer's job. My group showed the bouncers kicking a drunken hooligan out of pub. The use of levels was used effectively here as we had two bouncers by the door, and two of us bouncers at a lower level trying to pick the man up from the floor.

    • Word count: 911
  21. Comparing "Blue Rembered Hills" and "Friends"

    Blue Remembered Hills is the story of a group of seven, seven year olds on a summer holiday afternoon. They are Angela, Audrey, Peter, Donald (Duck), Willie, Raymond and John. It is set in the west of England in 1943 and at this time Dennis Potter would have been around the same age as his characters, this means the facts, language and storylines in the play could have been based on his experiences as a child. Friends is an American sitcom about a group of six friends in the area of Manhattan, New York City. It was originally broadcast from 1994 to 2004, set in that time.

    • Word count: 960
  22. Blue Remembered Hills Synopsis

    Scene 5 - Angela, Audrey and Donald (Duck) are introduced, playing in a rundown barn. Their characters are portrayed in this scene, Angela as the most girlish character in the play, Audrey as a rather tomboyish person, and Donald as another weak character, as he gets picked on by the two girls. Scene 6 - The squirrel is killed, but as soon as they begin to show a sign of guilt, it shows that they have probably come to realise the seriousness of death, important during the time period which the play is set, but then they soon forget and continue to play around.

    • Word count: 716
  23. Set construction of Billy Elliot.

    The centrepiece is the Community Hall, complete with stage where much of the action is focused. The set at Stage Right and Stage Left is largely a realistic reconstruction of the hall's interior. There are windows along each wall and at Stage Left there is a small bar. The colours used for the interior are drab and muted. At Downstage Right is a rounded exterior construction with double doors. The suggestion is of rendered brickwork painted in a faded red and it looks like the entrance to a public house. Although it is obviously an exterior, the actors often use it as an entrance and exit from the Community Hall.

    • Word count: 662
  24. Response to Live Performance

    They would do this as they moved the set which was a 360? rotating set with 3 locations which were the matron's office, the dormitory and the laundry. The play's main character is Mary played by Roisin Gallagher who is brought into St.Saviour's by her mother played by Libby Smith when she is 7 months pregnant at 19 years of age. Mary is shown to her dormitory which she shares with Queenie played by Susan Crothers who is an aspiring singer.

    • Word count: 737
  25. Character Comparison - Journeys End

    He played a protective and sensitive part as second in command to Stanhope, who he looks after and defends. He is much more sophisticated and civilised with very manly behaviour. He is older, wiser and polite officer and is a true Englishman. Siberry brings a strong sense of authority, although he is only second in command. His age and tone of voice show he is very wise and clever. When he ends up in a conversation about Stanhope and his drinking problems, he was able to change the conversation with a slow calm vocal tone, instead of talking or maybe shouting with aggression and power and ends up saying calmly "I'd go to h**l and back for him", in defence of Stanhope.

    • Word count: 796

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