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GCSE: Other Plays

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  1. Henry V Play Review

    At other times, the wall is positive, for the maidens of Harfleurs it is their escape with their sheets tied together. The wall is also used in a positive way when deciding the fate of Harfleur, the mayor of Harfleur and Harry discuss the terms on how the siege would be carried out, until the mayor surrenders. The Lights were very cleverly used in the play, one of the most effective methods in which they used the lights was where they used red, they often would use red to signify danger of death/blood spilling.

    • Word count: 1585
  2. Water. Water A company called Filter has produced an eye-catching performance at the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre which successfully covered the issue of climate change, whilst also tackling the aspects of human relationships.

    While trying to do this we see the effects of her intensity of her boyfriend that she broke up with who attempts to break the world record for cave-diving. One of the key features of the performance is dealing with modern day political issues such as global warming. This immediately has relevance to the audience because it is a political issue with is effecting them today. However, people are more interested in performances showing relationship problems because they feel it connects to them more than a political issue such as global warming.

    • Word count: 1154
  3. Ionsecu's Rhinoceros at the Royal Court Theatre. To begin with the staging it was in a shape of a simple square and no staging curtains were covering it.

    The far back wall was made up of joint wooden planks which would slowly fall gradually through the performance. This was first shown when the very first rhinoceros appeared to the performers. A sound which gradually became louder in the background, the performers would look to the side of the stage where smoke would appear, this symbolising where the rhinoceros was charging from, causing a couple of wooden planks to fall off. This was the intended effect of a Rhinoceros charging through the town square, causing the walls to shake. Everytime this happened more and more planks would fall off and by the final scene of the whole performance, the wall had almost completely collapsed.

    • Word count: 896
  4. I watched Dr Faustus in Stratford circus.The set was a traditional stage which was raised, it was a proscenium arch but the actors used the stage as a thrust which meant the whole stage and the breaking of the fourth wall.

    Doctor Faustus, scholar and lover of beauty, chafes at the bit of human limitation. He seeks to achieve godhood himself, and so he leaves behind the Christian conceptions of human limitation. Though he fancies himself to be a seeker of Greek greatness, we see quickly that he is not up to the task. The set was a traditional stage which was raised, it was a proscenium arch but the actors used the stage as a thrust which meant the whole stage and the breaking of the fourth wall.

    • Word count: 1737
  5. Drama Review: "Lenny - The boy who wanted to be a train"

    Lenny takes you through his struggles of everyday life and how he eventually finds his own strength to guide him through it. The story explores many different themes from issues like bullying and building self-esteem to using both naturalistic and abstract theatre, and it provokes a variety of emotions. An upsetting scene was a scene where he was bullied. I think it was all the more upsetting because Lenny is on a block in the centre, isolated and defenceless from the bullies circling him.

    • Word count: 2641
  6. Performance Evaluation - On 20th May 2009, I saw Theatre 101s performance of their self written play Star Crossed Lovers from Verona. It is a comedy based on the works of William Shakespeare

    They did so in an over the top way, making the audience aware that they were back on stage. The carpet was where the majority of scenes took place and was used for the sleepers to lie on, representing the woods. A wooden ladder, which was occasionally moved around, represented a cherry tree that Arcchelino narrated from. The circular stage behind them was raised higher which suggested that the scene took place in a richer place. Fancy chairs, a table covered in silky purple cloth and wine bottles were used to emphasize this wealth.

    • Word count: 1348
  7. (2) The complete works of Shakespeare coursework

    This was can be seen even before the play had started. When I first entered the theatre, I immediately noticed the backdrop which was compressed of tapestry loud with titles in graffiti. I thought it looked like a one-dollar production set-up produced in a kindergarden school. Furthermore, the Elizabethan stage wear that was teamed with hose in electric hues and Converse sneakers caught my eyes the moment they hit stage. At that very instant, I realized that this was a formal shakespeare play.

    • Word count: 709
  8. Sister Act Evaluation

    He shows them that when you work as a team, you can even avoid death, and that friendship is the key to happiness. This is reflected in the relationship between Eddie and Dolores, as they were old friends, he saved her life, and it was only through acceptance and building friendships that the sisters of the convent finally stood up for Dolores when she was threatened at gun point. In my opinion, the director succeeded in getting this message through to the audience.

    • Word count: 1614
  9. An accidental death of an anarchist Review

    such as comedy bangs & clashes, the performers' voices did 99% of the work, one particular highlight was the closing scene of the first act when the cast burst into a rendition of the Public Enemy hit "Don't Believe The Hype" utilising the dull office furniture in a way in which it's makers never intended. The only other use of music in the performance was the s*x Pistols' aptly named "Anarchy in the U.K."

    • Word count: 515
  10. From a production you have seen recently chose a scene or section which made a strong impact on you. Discuss what this impact was and how it was achieved.

    The section I am going to write about is towards the end of the play. It is set in the train station where Laura and Alec first met and where they went their separate ways after each of their Thursday meetings. Alec and Laura have said their final goodbyes, and Alec has just left leaving Laura only with a friend who had interrupted their last meeting meaning that they had not had a proper chance to say goodbye. Laura, knowing the express train is coming, walks out onto the bridge ( see diagram), the train rushes past and it is unclear whether Laura is going to kill herself, however in the end she does not.

    • Word count: 1078
  11. The Leader Of The People

    His loves his grandfather and think of him as his idol. The grandfather tries to talk him out of his new dream about exploring the world. The grandfather says to Jody, his grandchild: "There's no place to go, Jody. Every place is taken." When the grandfather speaks to his grandchild, he is very depressing and a pessimist, because the American edge is not lost. It has simply changed. The grandfather hadn't the imagination to see the new American edges: the oceans, the planets and the universe.

    • Word count: 911
  12. The Laramie Project

    Father Roger Schmidt is a Catholic priest in Laramie and is not against gays, he does not believe that they are good or bad in anyway. At first when Reuben Tuck was shifting between the two holy figures I got confused because the costumes were exactly the same, he stuck a square piece of paper on his black shirt under his neck. Then he started to speak and the emotions and actions that he put into the two characters were equally strong but different in a way which allows the audience to understand that he is portraying a different character.

    • Word count: 1147
  13. Review of Taming Of the Shrew

    Thereafter the wedding followed an Katherine moved to her new husband who immediately starts taming her as he sees her bad behaviour; his ways of taming included starving and psychological conversations, that enforce her to believe whatever he says. Meanwhile at home the younger sister Bianca is an affair with a man who disguised himself as a tutor and is in love with Bianca. Lutencio then weds Bianca secretly but Baptista catches them red-handed; therefore it was time for Lutencio to explain to him who he was and what he feels for his new wife.

    • Word count: 909
  14. Skellig. I got the chance to watch the play Skellig at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham. The play is about Michael, a boy who has to cope with a house move, a newborn baby sister fighting for life and old Skellig, the ungrateful, arthritic tramp

    The first one to enter the scene is Michael. Whilst he does a monologue that tells his story so far the rest of the cast pick up instruments to play the music and effects during the monologue. This perhaps portrays the closeness of the family on which the play is based because everyone is on stage at that part of the play. It added a contrast of cheerful music to the dark set and it also included the audience in the play. Michael's voice changes as he begins to talk about his sister.

    • Word count: 1071
  15. Lord Of The Flies Review

    I liked the way that they used the lights to show lots of different emotions and objects. They used the lights in lots of ways; one of the ways that they used the lights is the plane crash where the lights bounce around the stage to create a falling image. Another way that they used lights is at the very end when the helicopter drops down they used the lights to make it look light a helicopter descending. Music was a very big part of the play because it shows you what is going on in the scene for example at the plane crash scene they used really loud music to show a panicky mood.

    • Word count: 830
  16. Comparing and contrasting Blue Remembered Hills with The Flint Street Nativity

    In order for actors to be employed by CragRats they have to attend a casting audition and show that they are right for the job. Some qualities that CragRats are looking for in applicants are, "you are passionate about what you do and how you do it", "you love working in a team", "you relish a challenge", "you're a good listener", "you have a great sense of humour", "you will be self confident", "you always give 110%", "you enjoy responsibility and risk taking" and finally, "you are highly motivated".

    • Word count: 1680
  17. s*x FM Review

    Face Front make these issues relevant to the teenage audience by expressing the social attributes and actions that make the audience understand the whole aspect of the production. s*x FM used various drama techniques. One of these techniques is narration. I think using narration was effective because it made it more understanding but was unrealistic because it sounded as though it was actually a play. It was used at beginnings and endings of new scenes. I think this technique was used because it made it more realistic like as if you were listening to the radio and that made the audience understand.

    • Word count: 833
  18. Comparing Dream Jobs And The Presure Cook

    There was only one character that wasn't a teenager and that was Andrea's mother in The Pressure Cooker. She is in her late thirty's, early forty's. Most of the characters in The Pressure Cooker are aiming quite high in life. Andrea wants to do well in life and go to Drama College. Graham couldn't care less about his future and wants to go on the dole. Dawn wants to do well as well. The girls in Dream Jobs are ambitious but will not fulfil their dreams. In both plays it talked about relationships.

    • Word count: 523
  19. woman in black essay

    This is essential because he is the one that has actually met them, so can portray their behaviour accurately. Multirole is a method created by Bertolt Brecht which enables the actor to detach themselves from the play and the character. It is important in The Woman In Black, because it is a constant reminder of the use of metatheatre. Multirole turns the play from a dull recital to an incredible, chilling performance, because the audience can see what each character looks like, how they react and how they feel. Key Moments There were several key moments in the play: 1.

    • Word count: 2543
  20. Two. When I first read Two by Jim Cartwright, I didnt understand it, but as weve been looking deeper in to it, I now understand his style, and I think its very clever.

    Fred: "Let's remember him, let's give him a name" Alice: "Fat Fat Palomino!" It made me think deeper when they carried on there conversation, I think it made the audiences heart melt when they started picking out each others negatives, as it made us realise they love each other for who they are, and there comfortable with each others appearance. Alice: "Were close in our own way" Fred: "As Close as we can get with our fat!" My favourite characters had to be Roy and Lesley, because there relationship was the most interesting, and as a reader I feel I could really get into it.

    • Word count: 518
  21. Nostalgia Review

    Nevertheless, the play was that brilliant that I didn't notice this often. Nostalgia is a play about Japanese immigrants migrating to Brazil in 1908. It is the story of Noichi, who wonders around the world, falling in love with Ann along the way. Ann, Noichi, and their new companion, Chikino, wander throughout South America. Unfortunately, they get separated because of r****m and struggle to find each other again. Along with r****m, Nostalgia faces such issues as friendship, immigration, and discrimination.

    • Word count: 707
  22. The Response Phase to the play Bouncers by John Godber.

    In the examination we had to make three still images. The scenario of the images was given to us by our teacher. The first name we were given was called the job of a bouncer. We had to show a still image of the typical bouncer's job. My group showed the bouncers kicking a drunken hooligan out of pub. The use of levels was used effectively here as we had two bouncers by the door, and two of us bouncers at a lower level trying to pick the man up from the floor.

    • Word count: 911
  23. Comparing "Blue Rembered Hills" and "Friends"

    Blue Remembered Hills is the story of a group of seven, seven year olds on a summer holiday afternoon. They are Angela, Audrey, Peter, Donald (Duck), Willie, Raymond and John. It is set in the west of England in 1943 and at this time Dennis Potter would have been around the same age as his characters, this means the facts, language and storylines in the play could have been based on his experiences as a child. Friends is an American sitcom about a group of six friends in the area of Manhattan, New York City. It was originally broadcast from 1994 to 2004, set in that time.

    • Word count: 960
  24. Blue Remembered Hills Synopsis

    Scene 5 - Angela, Audrey and Donald (Duck) are introduced, playing in a rundown barn. Their characters are portrayed in this scene, Angela as the most girlish character in the play, Audrey as a rather tomboyish person, and Donald as another weak character, as he gets picked on by the two girls. Scene 6 - The squirrel is killed, but as soon as they begin to show a sign of guilt, it shows that they have probably come to realise the seriousness of death, important during the time period which the play is set, but then they soon forget and continue to play around.

    • Word count: 716
  25. The Lord of the Flies Play " Review

    When Simon was shown to be running down the mountain the movable parts were facing with the lowest point towards the audience so that it created a downhill effect which resulted in the use of the set becoming more lifelike. On the other hand, the use of the set could also be viewed as rather tedious as the same backdrop is used for the whole of the play; the only variation is at the start where a thin gauze is used to shield the characters somewhat from the audience.

    • Word count: 1137

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