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GCSE: Other Plays

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  1. Its not all black and white theatre performance essay

    This signified that there were chains around her wrists and ankles and that they were weighing her down. During the dance Neo hand to wear a mask and plain clothing meaning she was unable to use speech and facial expressions to put across her feelings and state of mind. She had to rely totally on her behaviour and actions to communicate her sentiments and emotions to the audience, which is quite a hard task, but she managed to do so effectively.

    • Word count: 1144
  2. Theatre Review of Blue Remembered Hills

    It is through these actors that the theme of childhood innocence is lost, then regained, then lost again. Blue Remembered Hills is nationally profound for its moralistic theme that 'Child is father of the man': everyone grows and everyone deals with change differently as they age and mature. Fluent themes throughout the play include fear, neglect, peer pressure, social exclusion and status. The play explores how children struggle to 'find themselves' especially when they become 'lost' in their own insecurities. The most poignant childhood issue is that of the nostalgic childhood deception, where social pressure and exclusion is tremendously harmful.

    • Word count: 2174
  3. Set construction of Billy Elliot.

    The centrepiece is the Community Hall, complete with stage where much of the action is focused. The set at Stage Right and Stage Left is largely a realistic reconstruction of the hall's interior. There are windows along each wall and at Stage Left there is a small bar. The colours used for the interior are drab and muted. At Downstage Right is a rounded exterior construction with double doors. The suggestion is of rendered brickwork painted in a faded red and it looks like the entrance to a public house. Although it is obviously an exterior, the actors often use it as an entrance and exit from the Community Hall.

    • Word count: 662
  4. Response to Live Performance

    They would do this as they moved the set which was a 360? rotating set with 3 locations which were the matron's office, the dormitory and the laundry. The play's main character is Mary played by Roisin Gallagher who is brought into St.Saviour's by her mother played by Libby Smith when she is 7 months pregnant at 19 years of age. Mary is shown to her dormitory which she shares with Queenie played by Susan Crothers who is an aspiring singer.

    • Word count: 737
  5. Character Comparison - Journeys End

    He played a protective and sensitive part as second in command to Stanhope, who he looks after and defends. He is much more sophisticated and civilised with very manly behaviour. He is older, wiser and polite officer and is a true Englishman. Siberry brings a strong sense of authority, although he is only second in command. His age and tone of voice show he is very wise and clever. When he ends up in a conversation about Stanhope and his drinking problems, he was able to change the conversation with a slow calm vocal tone, instead of talking or maybe shouting with aggression and power and ends up saying calmly "I'd go to h**l and back for him", in defence of Stanhope.

    • Word count: 796
  6. Blue remembered Hills

    Stiff bodies would create nervousness within the characters. Eye contact would also be shifty and I can see the boys looking at their feet in shame whist this scene is taking place. As the realisation of what they have just done takes over, I feel they would relax slightly as they know the situation and future occurrences are out of their hands now, and nothing they can do or say will make it better. This can be achieved for Willie, is he takes a deep breath and loosens up his limbs and perhaps lifts his head high, however, I also

    • Word count: 781
  7. Disappering number

    Also by adding a random song and dance to the play shocked the audience with the sudden change, I think this worked well because it was another way of showing the number sequences with an audio beat. Other fun and different elements I picked up on were a screen changes the set from India to Cambridge, A bed turns what can be seen from an airplane window. From what I understood about the play I found that it's about two stories involved into one.

    • Word count: 510
  8. Guys and Dolls evaluation

    As well as this, to create the 'Hotbox' setting; they placed furniture, including tables swiftly on to the sides with lights on them and also they used spotlights to show the stage area and finally dropped a tinsel curtain. In doing all these, they created a realistic scene of a karaoke show room, but it also matched the period of time it was set in. Importantly, the movement of any furniture was done so that it co-incided with what the characters were doing at that moment, therefore there were no awkward silences or gaps in the performance.

    • Word count: 610
  9. english / drama play review

    The boy was named Alex. The opening part of the play is emotional and captivating as there is action straight away. But too much monologue. Just before Alex dies, we find out he has a little sister that has been taken away from him and his mum by social services. Whilst dyeing he has a flash back of his mum begging the foster parents of his sister Tina to give her back. (Letting us know that the sister is called Tina and she is with foster parents) and then he dies to be found moments later by his best friend.

    • Word count: 675
  10. Knock Against My Heart

    Meanwhile Prospero's brother, Antonio provides comical entertainment with a secret motive. The performance used symbolism as its performance technique with each character having a type of animal to represent it. Symbolism was also extended to the set- design and props in the play with props acting as more than one item. Multi-rolling was touched but not used in depth and depended on throughout the play, making the cast very small, made up of four actors and actresses. The main characters of Knock Against My Heart were William De Paula who played Caliban, Mariana Whitehouse who performed as Miranda, Dani Machancoses who took the part of Antonio and Andr´┐Ż Santinho who played Prospero.

    • Word count: 1884
  11. Woman in Black - Theatre Evaluation

    All these techniques need to be applied successfully in order to create the atmosphere intended. By using the technique of suspense it builds up a state of mental insecurity, uncertainty or excitement within the person. Along side this adding the technique of anticipation gives the audience the impression that something is going to happen, but didn't know what or when therefore building up the tension in the theatre and taking the audience by surprise applying the concept of human fears through using dramatic devices. The overall tone of the play is very serious due to the fact that it is kept very naturalistic and realistic with the actors acting as normal everyday people making it seem more real and life like to the audience.

    • Word count: 1100
  12. Drama evaluation - To Kill A Mockingbird

    They made sure they made gestures which a child would make and moved around like children. They would drag their feet along the floor, kick things and fidget as they spoke. 3 of the main characters were children, Scout, Jem and Dill. When Scout was speaking to Atticus at the beginning of the performance she walks around him with her hands in her pockets and kicks the crate Atticus is sat on as she speaks to him. This is effective because it makes the audience believe she is a child. It is important that they got the characterisation right because if they did not convince the audience into believing they were children when they were acting then the ideas of the story would not be communicated to the audience successfully.

    • Word count: 1948
  13. On the 16th March 2008, the Fuse Theatre Company came into school and did a play which is called the Shadow Companion. This had taken place in the theatre. This play had consisted of four characters

    There is a scene based upon Ruby meeting Asra they have a little argument at first. Then as the play goes on they grow closer and closer until the stage where both dad's finds out and is upset about the situation. Asra puts a scarf on Ruby and they go back to Asra's place when the father meets Ruby and he is disgusted with the fact that Asra is hanging around with Ruby, as Asra is trying to fit in more. And so the argument goes on from there, there is a point in the play were it rises until a dad is that frustrated that pours water over his daughter.

    • Word count: 1093
  14. God Is A DJ Theater Review

    Another important reaction that the audience experienced as was sympathy and surprise at some of the comments and actions in the play, the play featured some music and sound effects in the background at some points, giving the audience an idea of what reaction they should have to match the emotions of the character and the scene of the play, those are the things that caused the reactions. 3. How did the actors achieve the audience reactions? What did they do on stage in order to make the audience react in the way you have described above?

    • Word count: 902
  15. Compare and contrast the historical, social and cultural context of both

    The play mainly is structured into monologues and duologues, and one dialogue amongst all three characters. The setting of the play at the beginning and the end, and for the majority of the scenes is set in Serge's flat, where the audience can see the painting clearly. 'The Good Person of Szechuan' is about a prostitute called Shen Te. One day she is visited by three gods who are very content with her hospitality, in which they think it is a sign of her goodness.

    • Word count: 1246
  16. Treasure Island

    This served the dual-purpose of both entertaining the audience and creating the necessary staging. The main ship itself was on a small truck so it could be easily moved around. This ease of movement was then combined with the use of a revolve-stage, creating a surprisingly authentic representation of a ship's journey over moving water. Other staging/design aspects helped to create this authentic journey. The projection of a moving map on a cyclorama at the back of the stage, showed the ship's progress to the audience, therefore, effectively communicating the idea that the ship was moving.

    • Word count: 514
  17. Doctor Dolittle Theatre Review

    He soon discovers through Polynesia that it is indeed possible to communicate with animals! Polynesia teaches him for years the languages of several animals enabling him to interact with hundreds of various species. One of these many species is the lobster, he decides to learn this language in order to communicate with the undersea creatures; he wants to do so because he plans a voyage across the ocean in search of the 'Giant Sea snail'! He planned also that on his voyage he would discover the North Pole, the simple fact that at this period of time the North Pole

    • Word count: 3413
  18. Woman in black production notes

    The main items used during the play were visible from the outset. There was a large wicker basket, a stool, two wooden chairs and a clothes wrack. Seeing as these items had to be used to portray most items and settings, the lighting would have to be used cleverly, and it was. It enhanced the simple set and highlighted the excellent acting skills. The play explores the issues of the supernatural and things beyond the human world, such as ghosts and things that are invisible to the human eye; created by mime and the actors and audience's imagination.

    • Word count: 523
  19. Sk8 Angel

    Con explains how his father gets all 'fidgety'. He explains it by telling us what happened but also showing flashbacks of that moment. He also adds emotion by the way he speaks the word 'fidgety'. He starts of at a normal voice, but as he repeats it he increases the volume of his voice and he shouts out the word with more venom and hate. He managed to make all the audience feel sympathy and concern for him and this was clearly shown following his skateboarding accident when he went into a coma and died.

    • Word count: 1370
  20. The Harder They Come

    Elsa being the daughter of the preacher couldn't have been taking this well being banished from the church by her own father. After Ivan and Elsa were banished they ran away together and they thought that everything was going to be hard and distressing but things didn't get any better when they were cursed but very blessed with an adopted child, this is when they started thinking about where their next meal was coming from and where they were going to get money to survive on.

    • Word count: 1905
  21. Warhorse and Mugged

    After a very long period of time and struggle, Albert finally manages to find Joey. My contribution to the performance of 'Mugged' was as an actor. I played the role of Taylor who is meant to be bigger, better dressed and full of himself. 'Mugged' was written in 2005 and first performed at The National Theatre, 'Warhorse' on the other hand, was first written as a children's novel in 1982 and later adapted to a stage play in 2007. 'Mugged' is set in the present day- any generation to come would be able to relate with an aspect of the play.

    • Word count: 664
  22. Evaluation of a Live Production: The Deep Blu Sea

    What also struck me was how small the theatre itself was, much smaller than I had imagined. It was very intimate, which in a way I thought, could make the audience even more involved than if it were a much bigger theatre. A small detail I noticed was that the curtains were a 'deep blue' colour. Whether that had any relation to the title or it was just coincidence I do not know. But if it was for that purpose, I thought it was a good effect. The Space The space was a typical theatre proscenium arch stage.

    • Word count: 1274
  23. The Crucible

    This defensive manner is consistent throughout acts 3 and 4, showing how Hale is determined to save Proctors life. This desperation is shown in greater intensity in the line 'Woman plead with him! Woman, it is pride, it is vanity. Be his helper! - What profit him to bleed? Shall the dust praise him? Shall the worms declare his truth? Go to him, take his shame away!' This is portrayed well, as Ed looks very desperate and pleading. Ed is just one example of the good characterisation, and in my opinion, the best. He really seemed to be in the play, not just acting it.

    • Word count: 2041
  24. Review: 'The Woman In Black'

    The acting was extremely convincing. The two actors managed to play several different roles convincingly. A clever device was used: the characters would bump into each other after walking away, and from then on they'd be different characters after that initial moment. They also changed things important for characterisation, such as: voice, gesture and posture. Not only did this define the characters clearly, I thought this was excellent and a credit to their acting abilities. The same basic set was kept the same throughout the play; however, subtle changes were made.

    • Word count: 1004
  25. Evaluation of a performance of the merchant of venice

    Antonio fears for his life while Bassanio tries to come up with a way to save his endangered friend. Shakespeare includes many key themes within the play, which provide the basis for most of the plot. One of these themes is mercy verses justice. There are many places in which this theme is highlighted within the play. One of the main parts that express the theme is the trial scene. Antonio is preparing to be killed and Shylock is being begged for mercy. Shylocks view on justice and mercy is "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

    • Word count: 2072

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