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GCSE: Other Plays

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  1. The Producers

    To find her starting note, she plays a single note on the piano, but an entire scale of notes plays from the orchestra piano but looks like the notes came out of nowhere. English uncrossed his legs looking bewildered, and leered towards the piano to give the impression he was examining it. McDowell, however, remained innocent looking as if the occurrence was normal and shuffled slightly downstage as the audience laughed over the preceding event. Shearsmith looked towards English with an equally shocked but also questioning expression, as if to ask "What just happened?".

    • Word count: 938
  2. My chosen play is On the Waterfront which I went to see with my GCSE drama group on Tuesday ...th April at Nottingham Playhouse. On the Waterfront is a play written by Budd Schulberg with Stan Silverman and for the performance that I went to see it

    In 1950s New York, the dock workers' unions are in the stranglehold of the Mob. If you're on the inside then life is sweet - kickbacks, bribes and easy shifts are your rewards. Go against them and your life isn't worth living. The actors in this play worked well together in many ways. For example, in the scene where Johnny and Charlie are in the car together, many of the other actors were in the wings producing the noises of the car. They worked well together because they were all producing a slightly different sound but when they put them all together they sounded very realistic and this added effect to the scene.

    • Word count: 530
  3. Myface Review

    They are both lit and but the rest of the cast are in darkness. Marc then once again breaks the fourth wall, he pulls down his computer screen and asks the question "what the is a terrapin?" Susie then introduces her next Myface friend Lou. Lou is dressed in a gorilla costume; she breaks the convention of the chat room by asking Marc to help her get her gorilla costume off. Marc then multi roles and becomes the character he has invented called Dave, he makes the change of identity by jumping from one point to another on stage, he shows the audience he has made the change of identity through his body language and facial language.

    • Word count: 1011
  4. A Comparison between Arther Miller's "The Crucible" and Bernard Shaw's "St Joan"

    Ultimately she is betrayed, and captured by the English at the siege of Compiegne, then tried and burnt at the stake upon accusation of heresy. The contexts of the two plays are very different as they are set almost 3 centuries apart, "The Crucible" focuses on the lives of the people in a village in Massachusetts where as "St Joan" looks at the life of one girl set against a conflict between France and England. However similarities remain, as both contain the execution of innocent people due to false accusations, implying that mistakes like these have occurred more than once in history, leading to questions of whether we learn from the past.

    • Word count: 963
  5. Criminal Law

    P.C.: Oh! You were in Yaounde carrying out business for the governor? Could you please mention the type of business precisely? Accused: Your honour, I was carrying out contracts. P.C.: Mr. Amadou, you were carrying out contracts which are b****y? Such contracts include r**e? Do not deny it. Def. C.: Objection my Lady, our English law states that a man is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Judge: Counsel is right. Prosecutor, are you aware of the fact that there are legal proceedings in this court? P.C.: Oh yes.

    • Word count: 3400
  6. 'Woman in Black'- drama coursework

    Jennet was looking out the window of Eel Marsh house, and saw this. She died later and started to haunt Eel marsh house and Crythin Gifford with revenge. She was now known as the woman in black. According to local people there, if somebody saw the woman in black, the death of a child would occur later, and this did happen, when Arthur Kipps returned to London. He gets married and has a child. He goes to the fair one day with his wife, Stella and his child, and the wife and child decide to get on the pony and trap.

    • Word count: 7304
  7. women in black

    The only advantage of the space was that when one person screamed the whole audience screamed. This helped the actors as it made the audience more aware of what was going on and had tension building. When first seeing the stage you are deceived as the space looks every small. But whilst watching the show you start to realise that the space is split into 3 sections by the gauze. This was effective as the gauze allowed you to think Mr Kipps had entered a different room.

    • Word count: 1696
  8. Compare Brimestone and Treackle with Death and the Maiden

    The supposed "fianc�" is with the parents in the evening, talking about issues that have been affecting them. One of the main points he makes is r****t, infact so much so the father has to excuse him. You already can tell that there is an underlying, sickening streak in the fianc�'s personality. The parents then leave the couple alone, in which time the fianc� rapes the girl. There are several suggestions that this is not the first time. The girl, who begins to scream, startles him. He runs away just as the parents arrive. While they tend to their abused child, she begins to speak.

    • Word count: 573
  9. Discussing a play based on Mary Shelleys book Frankenstein.

    This instantly created a very rationalized and futuristic atmosphere. The director used cloning in order to modernize the Mary Shelley's play "Frankenstein". The genre of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" is tragedy, but Paul Stebbings, the director of the play, has added elements of farce, making this serious issue with difficulties understandable to many different audiences. After looking more in detail of the content of the play, I realize that Frankenstein myth is not about a mad scientist above mortality and who is out of control.

    • Word count: 3763
  10. The Ladykillers review

    As cover for their criminal activities, the gang pretend to be musicians who wish to use Mrs Wilberforce's spare room to rehearse their musical pieces. After many hilarious events, every member of the gang?s life tragically ends and the stolen money ends up in the possession of Mrs Wilberforce. The cast includes John Gordon Sinclair who has the task of dealing with the sweetly innocent Mrs Wilberforce (Angela Thorne) and managing his untraditional band of thieves. Simon Day is the Major who likes nothing better than slipping into women's dresses; Ralf Little is the pill-popping spiv, Harry who has to

    • Word count: 692
  11. Woman In Black - Live Theatre Review

    (a chair, a wicker basket, a costume rail covered in a dirty sheet, two buckets and an abandoned piece of scenery placed slightly off stage). The props had no obvious connection and appeared to have no purpose, creating the image of a theatre in the dark, as was the intention of both director, Robin Herford, and designer, Michael Holt. This effect was also created by the dull, dark colours of the props and set. The lack of set also enhanced the idea of an abandoned, unused theatre.

    • Word count: 2012
  12. Performance analysis of Murder at the Manor

    Because the costumes contrasted with each other they gave a very comic appearance. The costumes didn?t have a very memorable sense of color but were enough to give an impression of the characters. There was no background music but there were some sound effects that were used effectively. The sound effects were used in the right way to lighten up the atmosphere. They were supposed to be comic and succeeded in their intended purpose. One example of this was a catchphrase, which was used around 10-12 times.

    • Word count: 936
  13. In The Woman in Black discuss how effective one or more performers were using 2 moments to support your answer. Comment on voice, movement facial expression, gesture and mood

    The young Kipps visited the remote and eerie house of a deceased client, Mrs Drablo, where he gradually learned of its tragic history of this place, the ghost that haunted it - and her dreadful purpose. The first scene I have chosen to illustrate the technique of the performer is when the young Mr Kipps is sent to the house of Mrs Dablo. Orlando Wells effectively shows how Kipps becomes more and more uneasy as he approaches his destination on the train.

    • Word count: 2046
  14. The play that I have chosen to write about is The House of Usher, based on the theatre production in the Redbridge Drama centre

    They also used the wooden poles as a window frame and stair railings, Hess was a material used for the coffin. The two bamboo baskets could be rotated or flipped at different times to represent a tomb, bed, painting frame, bath, chairs and tables. It could be fixed into place at different levels of steepness. There are three images of the "tombs" "The Fall of the House of Usher." The house itself is shut off from the daylight, its echoing rooms turned into spacious vaults, in which characters who never seem entirely alive.

    • Word count: 848
  15. Review - I went to a live theatre trip to watch Bouncers on Friday 9th December at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton

    ?Lucky Eric?s? speeches are used to slip in messages about the negative features of nightlife. I like how Godber has done this to change the mood of the audience. When watching I would go from Laughing to being very serious listening to Eric?s speeches. During the start of act two, Direct Address is used again when the Bouncers acknowledge the audience, asking what they are laughing at. This was effective because it pulled your attention straight back after the interval.

    • Word count: 1071
  16. Drama

    My understanding in why they were singing is simple enough to show their feeling for each other in a better way. West side story is also a musical, causing music and singing to be a part of their way of telling each other about their feeling. Music is in this content very successful due to that music can very easily set a mode. Intense music creates a tense feeling and soft music creates a happy feeling. This gives the director of the film the opportunity to more widely express the feelings of the characters.

    • Word count: 1261
  17. Evaluating a Play The Trial by Franz Kafka

    An inspector later appears and K demands an explanation but none is given. The type of theatre of this play was physical theatre; this is when a performance story tells, primarily through physical means, this includes Mime, Contemporary Dance, Clowning, Physical Comedy, and Theatrical Acrobatics The chorus was a main part of the play and it was effective because it portrayed characters emotions and thoughts brilliantly, the actors showed the audience what Joseph K?s thoughts were throughout the play very well, this was effective as it enabled the audience to empathise with the character at times when he was in despair, such as the time of the arrest and the anxiety he was feeling.

    • Word count: 1108
  18. The Woman in Black Review. The props and the general atmosphere that was created gave the stage and set a character of its own

    Props and how the characters used space made it easy to recognise the character?s emotions and see which character had what status; such as the use of a hat could give a higher status. Space on stage was used to a good advantage considering there wasn?t much of it and the actors awareness of that space really showed. The actors used the stage with familiarity and confidence and this enhanced the production greatly because it gave the audience great security.

    • Word count: 2094
  19. Live performance theatre review Unit 3: The Woman in Black

    The action cleverly takes place in the very theatre in which we are sitting, and opens with a solicitor Arthur Kipps reading from a diary, then enters a young actor who criticizes his feeble delivery, Arthur Kipps goes on to seek the young actors opinion on how best to voice his experience of the events of 30 years prior, and so they commence to perform the terrifying tale. The director utilises an extremely minimalistic set, with the props taking on numerous uses, a large wicker props basket makes for a desk, train carriage, a horse and cart and a bed;

    • Word count: 1426
  20. Two, by Jim Cartwright review.

    The scene that showed a changed relationship was the Roy and Lesley scene. My first impression of their relationship was that perhaps it had started well but had then led to domestic violence, rather then there being love from the start. Mr & Mrs Iger ultimately prove their dependence on each other during their scene which shows the theme ?love and faithfulness?. The main characters, the Landlord and Landlady, he the hands on cashier, bar manager and she?s the gossipy heart of the bar. Their mood ultimately changes later on during when a young boy enters the pub in search of his missing dad and they are forced to face the loss of their child years before.

    • Word count: 1122
  21. In 2011 I went to see a production called Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen in the Old Antrim Courthouse.

    I got this idea because when he first brings up that he has something to tell her, she instantly knows something is wrong by the strange actions of her son who is pacing up and down and she asks him anxiously, with a worried tone what is wrong. As she said the word ?what? the volume of her voice increased showing that she was alarmed. As he went on to explain, he stuttered his words a little, as if it was hard for him to say, and this built tension.

    • Word count: 694

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