Richard Wilbur's creation, Juggler presents the reader with number of images making this a very vivid poem.

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Sumarsono Darsono

Richard Wilbur’s creation, “Juggler”, presents the reader with number of images making this a very vivid poem. On the literal level, by using devices such as movement, shape, sound and color the reader can picture the juggler’s amazing performance. For example, Wilbur suggests positive responses from the audiences on the juggler’s performance. “The boy stamp and the girls Shriek, and the drum booms…”

On the other hand, this poem can also be read on the symbolic level, the juggler’s performance can be understood as the cycle of our life. When the juggler “graze his finger ends” the ball will bounce higher and higher, however eventually it will slow down and down, Wilbur reminds us that we can only “won for once over  the world’s weight” ,but not forever soon or later the ball will fall down again. The poet is trying to leave us a message that both happiness and sadness are inevitable in our life. However, Wilbur is also trying to give us a sense of hope because in juggling involves “swinging a small heaven about his ears”. From subjective point of view as a Christian, such description helps Wilbur to convey to the reader that we do not need to worry in facing problems in our life, because we know that the Juggler, (which I refer to God), always lifts us again and we do not need to worry about what will happen after the “ball” falls down.

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Using the sense of movement, the first image we are presented with is that of a bouncing ball falling to the Earth. In line one, the first heavy feeling comes in the phrase “ A ball will bounce, but less and less” This image of movement is carried through the five stanzas, with dictions such as “bounce”,” falling”. In addition to this image, we are also presented with a range of light color and dark colors such as “red balls” against “sky blue” background. This effect causes the reader visualize the spectacular performance of the juggler. In addition this ...

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