Scene Analysis - The Sixth Sense

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H/W                23/01/03


In the film the Sixth Sense a young boy named Cole has paranormal contact with the dead.  He can see things that other people cannot, namely the ghosts of the dead walking around him.  The scene which I have chosen to analyse to answer my title is the scene where he is at school and brings up facts about what used to go there like people being hanged and eventually he erupts at this former pupil now teacher who used to have the nickname Stuttering Stanley.  Cole brings back this fact about him from the ghosts of the people he sees.  The teacher had lost his stutter but Cole brings it back.

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At the start of the scene the teacher is talking in a very confident voice, he is very assertive and calm.  The camera angle also reflects this, as it is set at the back of the class from the perspective of a pupil, it shows all the pupils looking at the teacher. This acts as a total contrast to what he used to be like when he had his stutter.  This also makes the end of the scene seem more emotional as we see the teacher lose his temper by smashing down on the table and begin stuttering.



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