Sonnet 2 Analysis

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The sonnets by Shakespeare convince a young, handsome friend of Shakespeare’s to have children to forever keep his beauty alive. However this changes after a number of sonnets.  Shakespeare stresses that this beauty will not last, and that it is selfish and foolish for him not to prepare for the loss of his beauty and youth. The only way he can truly prepare is to rear a child so that his son can carry on his name and all his wonderful qualities, including his unsurpassed beauty. Shakespeare has made it very clear to show his opinion about his friend greediness and not sharing his beauty with the world. The usage of language techniques are used to show his inner thoughts about his friend’s actions. Sonnet number 2 is another poem of Shakespeare’s in which he tries to convince his friend.

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At the start of the poem it starts of and describes the effects of time to his friend’s beauty. This is unusual as he usually describes his friend’s beauty and compares it to something else. From line 1-9 Shakespeare describes the damage time could do to his beauty.

Line 1 describes as “forty winters” pass and then in line 2 there will be “deep trenches in thy beauty’s field” meaning wrinkles on his face. Wrinkles will wreck his friend’s beauty and time will form the wrinkles. In lines 3 and 4 Shakespeare tells us that look at the beautiful ...

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