The Apollo Theatre - Business Case Analysis

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BY Alan Mead 10MJ

Task 1:Setting the Scene


To: Mr B Lambie

From: Alan Mead

Subject: Intro

I have been set the task of Finance Manager to look at, study and if possible solve the problems that face The Apollo Theatre. One of the theatre problems is that if it doesn't make a profit it will go bust in the very near future. As head of finance I will be expected to produce and analyse balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow diagrams. Some of the objectives of the finance department are to provide the theatre with cash when they need it (if available), to keep 'the books', to take financial care of the theatre. To finance new projects if and when they decide to, if we don't or cant finance these projects The Apollo Theatre may go bust.

Task 2: Collection of Information

This is a copy of my Questionnaire


. How often do you go to the theatre?

[] Once a week

[] Twice a week

[] Once a month

[] Twice a month

[] More than once a year

[] Other _______________

2. Please give your opinion on the following aspects of the Theatre.
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Like V. Much Good Average Acceptable Poor

Price [] [] [] [] []

Location [] [] [] [] []

Snacks [] [] [] [] []

Price of Snacks [] [] [] [] []

Films [] [] [] [] []

Parking [] [] [] [] []

3. How much would you be willing to spend on a theatre ticket?

[] £0-5

[] £6-10

[] £10-15

[] £15+

4. What is your favourite type of film?

[] Action

[] Comedy

[] Thriller

[] ...

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