The Globe

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The GlobeIt was a hot summer day in 1602. I was only a young boy that didn´t know much of the world, but I had dreams. One of these dreams was to see a play at The Globe. The Globe was a wooden structure in the heart of London right next to the Thames. We lived pretty close, so every time a play was set up I could hear the audience cheer. Of course, if the play was bad they would boo, but that didn´t happen very often. This particular day the show "Hamlet" was to be preformed for the first time. The rumours said that this play was going to be something very special. It was written by a man called Shakespeare. I didn´t know much about him, but i had
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heard that he wrote incredible plays.I couldn´t afford a ticket but I couldn´t resist going there anyway; I just wanted to hear the cheers and be able to taste the atmosphere. As I stood among the people who were fortunate enough to own a ticket, I saw the guard having a quarrel with an intoxicated man. I saw my chance and thought like all brave and mad people; "You only live once". I ran past the guard and through the gates. I passed through the wooden exterior, filled with excitement, into the actual theater. Must have been my lucky day ...

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