The Ladykillers review

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The Ladykillers- Theatre review

On the 25th of September, drama students went to see The Ladykillers, written by Graham Lineman, at the Vaudeville theatre in the West End.

The show is based on the well-known and much-loved 1955 film of the same title – one of the famous Ealing Comedies. The title is ambiguous, but it actually refers to a group of criminals led by the brilliant Professor Marcus, played by John Gordon Sinclair. Marcus has a plan to rob a train at Kings Cross station and decides to take up residence in a nearby house while he rehearses his team and hones his plans. The house belongs to a loveable senior citizen, a widow, called Mrs Wilberforce who lives alone apart from her deformed parrot. As cover for their criminal activities, the gang pretend to be musicians who wish to use Mrs Wilberforce's spare room to rehearse their musical pieces. After many hilarious events, every member of the gang’s life tragically ends and the stolen money ends up in the possession of Mrs Wilberforce.

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The cast includes John Gordon Sinclair who has the task of dealing with the sweetly innocent Mrs Wilberforce (Angela Thorne) and managing his untraditional band of thieves. Simon Day is the Major who likes nothing better than slipping into women's dresses; Ralf Little is the pill-popping spiv, Harry who has to endure a running gag with a blackboard; Chris McCalphy is the ‘cellist’ and ex-boxer known affectionately as 'one-round'; and Con O'Neill is the bad-tempered Louis who has more than a little trouble with idioms. The roll is completed with a gaggle of Mrs Wilberforce's female friends – some of ...

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