The title of the poem is 'sacrifice', this gives you a first impression of the poem.

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The title of the poem is 'sacrifice', this gives you a first impression of the poem. It gives a feeling of giving something up. When you think about the word sacrifice, it also can mean self-sacrifice, to some people this could be t do with religion, (Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross), or a greater good.

In stanza one, the first three words, 'as he move' this tell, us a lot. It informs us that whatever is going on, there is, a man or a boy is involved. The lexical choice of 'moves' describes the action as being, unsurprising, almost normal. The poet then goes on to describe the knife on the goats throat, the feeling of it being normal to slit an animals throat. The second line reads 'I can feel its point on my throat.' The lexical choice of the 'I' and 'my' shows us that it's first person perspective, he also makes it ambiguous, we don't know if it's the person killing the goat or the goat who's speaking.

'as the blood geysers,' the lexical choice of 'geysers' describes ho the blood travels. The meaning of the word 'geysers' is a natural spring sending a column of hot water, this tells us that the blood was pumping out. The use of the word jugular b gives the feeling of it being exact, very clinical. The poet wants us to feel sorry for the goat. He also us to realise that it's cruel, and that he's not enjoying what's going on. The last thing that he's doing in the first stanza is, is making us feel the pain the animal is going through, as spectators, we are made to feel the pain, we empathise with it, it almost makes it metaphorical. The poet tells the killing like all the personalities are lost in the act. The use of the sibilance 'sticky sweat,' almost makes the act of killing even more cruel and immoral.
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The fist word in stanza two is 'we,' this shows us straight away that there is more than one person. The whole of the first line in stanza two, is anti-climactic from stanza one. It also portrays the killing of the goat as being normal. It's quite strange, as every time you build a house you don't sacrifice an animal.

The lexical set of 'brief prayer' tells us that the 'prayer' is a formality, and they would rather get it over with quickly. The lexical choice of 'dwell' gives the impression, of it being written about ...

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