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 Each weekend, well not literally EVERY weekend, but some weekends, I sit down in front of the telly and if there isn't any decent comedies on, I'll simply watch a horror movie instead, ok, ok, so maybe sometimes I'll pull a pillow over my head and then other times I'll jump and maybe even scream but they are fun to watch aren't they!?

So on the 27th march 2007 I was delighted when my year 10 drama class and I went to 'The Fortune Theatre' in London's west end to see the production of the woman in black.

The play was originally written as a story by Susan Hill and was adaptedas a play by a Mr Stephen Mallatratt the play has now been running in london's fortune theatre for about eighteen years.

The theatre itself didn't look that great, so things didn't get off to a good start, with all the surrounding theatres looking smart and pleasant, the 'Fortune theartre' looked a little out of place.

The production itslelf though, thankfully was of great quality, although the whole thing only consisted of two main actors and a woman 'the woman in black', the story was amazing and put across very well. I won't give away the whole plot but basically, 'The Woman In Black' is a play about the production title, the woman in black appears as a ghostly figure most of the time, she slowly unfolds a twisted and complicated, horrific mystery.It is also a play within a play.

The first scene is the introduction to the two main characters, both males, though one quite young and the other pretty old.The old man wants a production of past events in his life, the young one agrees that they can work together to complete the production under certain circumstances. Here the weird and twisted plot starts to unfold.

The old mans past is basically the whole plot, he once visited a haunted house when he was younger and the 'goings ons' inside the house is brought up and re-acted out with great use of special camera and light effects. The noise effects were also great, with all these uses of technical eqipment the production was able to become so realistic and believable. I found myself jumping at certain times, then a couple of times there was a recorded voice of a curdling scream which chilled blood and made members of the audince scream too. There were many other scary and freaky points to the production, none of which I will give away.

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The part of the old man was played by Michael Burrel who has had a long and varied career as an actor appearing in 'casualty' and 'eastenders'! the part of the actor in the play was played by Dominic Marsh who studied Drama and music at the university of Birmingham and the royal acadamy of music.

The woman in black herself was played by Nathalie Bloch although in the programme she is under Vision Productions. She herself was also a main part of the play

I believe that all the actors in the play were brilliant as they adapted to ...

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