“Fanthorpe is a master in speaking in the voice of another” - Discuss.

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     “Fanthorpe is a master in speaking in the voice of another”. Discuss.

     I believe that Fanthorpe is indeed a master of speaking in the voice of another. She is capable of seeing things from various perspectives and points of view, and expressing that view in her writing. Fanthorpe herself once mentioned that she enjoyed working for voices in the ‘Browning’ way, and this can be seen in her somewhat humorous perception of her character’s experience.

     Fanthorpe has become the master of voices she is today as a result of going through many different experiences and meeting a huge variety of people. She was once a nurse and was also previously a schoolteacher. The latter profession undoubtedly gave Fanthorpe an insight into the mind of a child; an advantage which enables her to create such wonderful poems as ‘Reports’, ‘Dear Mr. Lee’ and ‘Half-past Two’. Going into as many professions as Fanthorpe would have possibly given her all the interview experience she needed to write ‘You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly’.

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     One thing that makes U. A. Fanthorpe a master of speaking in the voice of another, and separates her from most other poets, is her ability to understand and correctly use the language of the character that she is trying to portray. Fanthorpe once said, “I take all language as my province (including slang words, rude words- whatever)- use anything that’s necessary to get the words right”.

     An example of this can be seen in the poem ‘Dear Mr. Lee’. In this poem, Fanthorpe uses incorrect grammar- the entire poem contains just two full stops. However, ...

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