1984 Quote Journal

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Sarah Pathammavong

August 15, 2002

British Lit.


1984 Quote Journal

“On each landing, opposite the lift shaft, the poster with the enormous face gazed from the wall. It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. Big Brother Is Watching You, the caption beneath it ran.” (Orwell 5)

This quote is an example of how effective and convincing The Party can make a simple poster. The Party has put posters everywhere constantly reminding the Party members that they are being watched. Being watched played a major role in every Party member’s life in the book. Winston who was constantly scared of doing things, such as having a face of anxiety or not cheering with as much enthusiasm in the two minute hate. Everything that Winston did throughout the novel that he thought was not seen by the Thought Police was seen by them. Winston even tried to make sure that his diary was not bothered with so he sprinkled some powder on the corner of the book. That powder was carefully replaced as if it was the same as when it was first put there, by the Thought Police, that is how watchful and investigative the Thought Police is.  

The Thought Police are continuously spying on the Party members through the televisions, hidden microphones throughout Oceania, and spies of their own. The Party wants to keep an eye on their Party members to have control over them. They have no freedom. Winston can’t even take a walk on a good day with out suspiciously being watched. Winston and Julia underestimate the power of the Party. Julia thinks that she has got the Party and Thought Police figured out. She believes that she can hide from the Thought Police. Yet when her and Winston think they have beaten the Party and were working and representing the real brotherhood. Though in the end they were the ones that were actually figured out, by the Thought Police.

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The Thought Police are actually watching, when least expected. The Party watches the people of Oceania as to control them. This quote basically shows that there is no freedom or privacy in Oceania. That people in Oceania live afraid to take a walk on a good day. All of this connects to the theme of the book. Orwell made the novel to show people what would happen in the future, or 1984, if the west turned into a totalitarianism government. This quote shows one of the dangers of the government controlling everything.

“He discovered that while he sat ...

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