A Comparison of Two Poems; "Stealing", by Carol Ann Duffy and "Hitcher", by Simon Armitage

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A Comparison of Two Poems; "Stealing", by Carol Ann Duffy and "Hitcher", by Simon Armitage

In this essay, I will be comparing two poems; Stealing, by Carol Ann Duffy and Hitcher, by Simon Armitage. I will be using several categories in which to structure my comparison, which include style of language and structure. In this piece, I hope to provide in depth analysis into the narrators feelings and the poets techniques. Finally I will be making a summary of my comments in a brief conclusion at the end, which will include my thoughts on both poems.

The style of language in these poems have several similarities as well as differences.

Firstly, in Stealing, Duffy has managed to fuse conversational English with typical poetic devices. The poem has been written in a colloquial style and shows use of slang, merged with metaphors and impressive techniques. For example; the narrator uses slang words and phrases such as "mate...pinch...nicked a bust" but can converse in a poetic style, using metaphors such as "my breath ripped out in rags". This contrast between the speech usually associated with members of the sub classes of society, and that found in the middle class is very effective. Consequently, Duffy gives the narrator a voice.

In Simon Armitage's Hitcher, we see mainly basic English enhanced with some local 'lingo' and well known sayings. Often, the subject is using words taken from the mouth of the hitcher. This poem is written in first person, like in Stealing. Also, in Hitcher, the narrator uses plain English, which is very casual and almost conversational, although not to the extent of that in Stealing. For example, the subject uses the hitchers own words - "He was following the sun from east to west", but he also uses some slang - "I let him have it" - The style of language is quite basic.
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The narrative voice is very powerful in both poems, it adds significance and helps emphasise the emotions of the narrators.

In Stealing, we can easily establish that the narrator is a member of the subclasses. However, he has very complex feelings and many emotions. Duffy gives the narrator the ability to express his thoughts and feelings in a way unlike any other member of the subclasses. She gives him a voice in which he can express himself. For example, the narrator says "a mind as cold as the slice of ice within my own brain". This is ...

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